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November is here and the horoscopes are up, to help us navigate Scorpio season:

The big news is Saturn direct in Pisces, to begin the month. After lurking around retro in mystical Pisces, Saturn may have had us feeling quite reticent about our hopes and dreams. Maybe too busy working away behind the scenes, secretly alchemising our spiritual & creative inspiration, away from the public eye? Maybe a bit despondent, where delayed progress/reality check challenges had us doubting our wildest dreams?

So it's beautifully motivating, to have taskmaster Saturn back into gear this month. We begin to magically manifest our Scorpio desires and Pisces dreams, in tangible terms. A bit of elbow grease and determination goes a long way, to optimise the synchronicity, fresh clarity and opportunities that begin to reveal themselves, with spooky perfect timing...

And hopefully have some fun with it!

We have the Scorpio New Moon of Nov 13th, with passionate Mars and caring Ceres. For sexy confidence to cultivate our creative endeavours and hot love affairs-with healthy, nurturing emotional intelligence.

We have the Gemini Full Moon of Nov 27th, to stay light on our feet as we navigate new choices with alacrity. Free will, to become masters/mistresses of our Destiny, as Lady Luck guides us forward... And a chance to communicate with our loved ones about it, the better to stay connected as we all grow towards our full potential.

Let's embrace fresh determination, to live fully in the moment...even as we create a more positive, powerful, productive future. And lots more detail for your sign, with the November horoscopes here.

Happy November, folks x

Image: Christy Turlington for Paolo Roversi


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