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November is here, and the scopes are up.

The main theme here is Mars, in the middle of a rare, extended tour of Gemini this year activating a thousand brilliant ideas, as we run around with a busy bee desire to get everything done at once -suddenly turning retrograde Nov 1st till next January!

So just when we are flitting about being brilliant, loving the buzz of multi-tasking and flirting our heads off with whatever sexy, love scenarios we have going on...all excited about life; gah the brakes go on, and we find ourselves having to slow down, to figure out what we are on about for a while. Like being all dressed up with nowhere to go, so to speak?

For some this could be a frustrating month, if we are in full impatient/short attention span mode. But ideally we relish the chance to recharge our batteries, as we reflect on how far we've come recently and finesse the plan for the next stage of progress.

And to the extent it's Scorpio season we have a Total Lunar Eclipse Nov 8th; Taurus Full Moon with radical Uranus/Destiny Point opposite Mercury/Sun/Venus in Scorpio. The combination of electrifying emotional clarity about our own intentions, and sweet communication/relationship skills, to bring our loved ones along for the ride is brilliant. Another reason it's so worth taking the time this month, to get straight about what we're doing & who we want to do it with, right?

Then the Sag Full Moon of Nov 24th is a chance to cut loose, and figure out where we have a bit of freedom to fly free for a moment, in the middle of all this disciplined restraint.

Much more detail for your sign, including which area of life you can advantageously slow down, with the November horoscopes here. Let's embrace the chance to find the integrity of clear intentions this month, Happy November folks x

Image: Olga Maliouk by Chris Craymer for Glamour Italia.


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