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So June is here, and the horoscopes are up. It's an interesting month, to measure our progress in a transformative year of personal & collective evolution:

After a sneak preview of wild paradigm shifts in Aquarius recently ( to be continued from next Feb), Pluto returns to Capricorn this month, for the rest of the year. To finesse a long process of regenerative destruction & rebirth, to do with the tangible, practical structures and financial scenarios in our loves.

If we have had to release old notions of security, that no longer serve us? The final stages of truly letting go become inevitable. And we have the courage to grieve what we used to think matters, and look forward to new, more life-affirming scenarios.

If we have been valiantly climbing some mountain of professional accomplishment/financial prosperity that is destined for success? It's like we are so close to the peak, with the courage to find a last burst of determination to realise our goals. So any obstacles/delays teach us a fresh perspective, to the degree will still need to tweak or even re-vision the entire plan.

Of course most of us are experiencing some combination of the above; to measure our progress with intelligent, persevering growth. The pot of gold may still be found, in strange & unexpected places!

And Venus in Leo, dancing around a conjunction with Mars this month. Spicy mating season could be upon us, if we play with tantalising romance, with the beautiful Leo affection and emotional generosity.

And even better, Venus stays in Leo for a rare, extended stay until October! We are so connected to our personal radiance, brilliant creative talent, shameless self promotion and glamorous good looks. For a good time, and manifesting success.

And deliciously passionate romantic charisma-certain love affairs could thrive here, if the feelings are real?

And on an inner level, our divine feminine awakens; to unleash our creative power and full potential -in the jungian sense of conscious self-awareness. Wow, the next 4 months could be so magical, if we keep our intentions clear.

Happy June folks, this could be a gateway to a more positive future. And much more detail for your sign, with the June horoscopes here.

Image: Alisa Gorshenina


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