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So Venus/Mars complete their conjunction for the first half of March -that was such a big deal, conjunct Pluto last month. 

Presumably your relationship skills are so much more finessed by now. I mean Venus/Mars reveal harmonious compatibility with all your loved ones, especially sweet romance & sexy passion in your love life at the best of times. This is classic mating season vibes, with your lover. And as such a social creature, you appreciate the importance of connecting with all your friends, tribe and wider community. 

Of course, Pluto has revealed a much deeper dimension to this:

Latent passions may have been unleashed, to love with more intensity as well as the kind of vulnerability that, do admit, you often tend to avoid? As much as you are loyal to a fault and like to conduct your relationships according to the highest principles of honesty & integrity. Sometimes you can be so analytical about it, to detach when nitty gritty feelings rise up in all their messy glory…

Especially if Pluto unleashed any conflicts/power trips/dodgy emotions lurking under the surface-suddenly in your face and unavoidable?? 

It’s been quite the trip, to actually have to experience your own true feelings, with beautifully brutal honesty. This goes for your relationship with self, integrating your light & shadow aspects with gracious self acceptance. As well as dealing with the reality of everybody else’s true feelings-as you navigate how to be real as fuq together. 

So give yourself and loved ones well deserved respect, early March. You’ve come this far to make love work, with new insights about how to continue evolving together, long term-with Pluto in Aqua for the next 20 years! 

And of course Pluto transformation, for the next 20 years affects all aspects of your life. As you embrace this new chapter with a genuine internal locus of power-that you can create the kind of future you are evolving towards, just by keeping your intentions clear. With that powerful, genius mind of yours you totally get this, right? 

Ok great, the better to embrace the New Moon of March 10th, in your 2nd house of personal values and prosperity. Smack bang between Saturn and Neptune. Many signs would struggle with the dichotomy between:

Saturn discipline, being conservative with money in a smart way, rather than fear based limitation.

Neptune dreaming, trusting you can manifest what you need as you follow your dreams, which is true wealth, rather than fritter away your resources on hare brained schemes. 

But you get it. The more you believe in your visionary genius, getting the details right is a natural thing. Being so innovative and all, connected to the zeitgeist around you; manifesting your schemes and dreams in the real world works a treat here. 

I mean ok, this Moon also opposite bitch Lilith in your 8th house of interpersonal entanglements. Even as doing your autonomous thing turns you on, to holding your own with integrity. Your also get you have to hold your own, as you make the effort to connect with loved ones, family/biz negotiations etc -with their own opinions, expectations of you and all. 

Mutual respect is gold here, and it could be so sexy actually. As more likely to have someone special who adores your individually, to the extent you appreciate their’s as well?

Especially Venus into your 2nd house from March 13th, followed by Mars from the 23rd, Your own creative confidence plays well, to sharing schemes & dreams with your loved ones. 

Then the Full Moon of March 25th, in your expansive 9th house. Trine Pluto in Aquarius. Speaking of chasing your dreams-this is the confidence to keep it real. Because you’re excited about the adventures and personal growth that lie just outside your comfort zone…. You love this! 

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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