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So you have a series of fab astro events to turn you on this month, as follows:

Mercury on Jupiter in Aqua around the 5th, to spark up that spectacular genius you are so famous for. This is such a light bulb moment for positive, meaningful affirmations about how to live your life, and the clever strategies to finesse the details and make cool stuff happen. And persuasive much? Your hustle game is on point here, so absolutely perfect time to pitch that big idea or negotiate your latest scheme with someone helpful…

Then the New Moon of the 13th in your income sector has Venus/Neptune, to wrangle your highest, most inspired & creative vocational calling into money-magic income stream. I mean it’s not so much financial security, Neptune aint exactly predictable -but amazing for doing what you love for a living, at such a high standard to finesse your professional glamour and trust that you will attract good coin accordingly.

Also Venus/Neptune is beautifully romantic, and on a New Moon you have sparkly, fresh perspective to understand what you want & what you are prepared to do about it love wise. Just for your own emotional intelligence, about where you stand emotionally mid month.

Then Mars on the Destiny Point by the 27th, in your play & talent sector is next level confidence to pursue the full potential of whatever you are naturally good at. This is such incandescent clarity about whatever creative process/fun lifestyle excites you, with a long-term sense of thriving in the world on your own terms. Yes and the shameless self-promotion to show off your brilliance, because it feels so good to be you this month!

Also Mars fires up your sexy libido in the Aqua romance sector. And on the Destiny Point it’s not just coming on for the sake of cheap thrills- you could actually be involved in a delightful soulmate romance/attraction, that ready or not is calling you guys to a promising future together. Not because heavy commitment expectations etc, more that you are having such a good time turning one another on, why not make it last huh?

Then the Full Moon of the 29th is in your vision sector, with the exuberance to chase your dreams –and Venus/Chiron to be real & vulnerable enough to share your most beautiful intentions with whoever wants to listen –the better to share the journey with the people who get you. Nice one x

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