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As the sign most renowned for radical, genius ideas who adores intellectual stimulation; you’ve gotta love Mars energising the philosopher Jupiter, in your 3rd house of thinking & communication this month.

I mean ok, to the extent you can be mentally obsessive at the best of times, constantly analysing everything from every possible angle -Mars can exacerbate your acute, hectic monkey mind here. And trigger any angry stories you’re carrying around, which can lead to intenalised resentment or lashing out verbally at any opportunity for conflict. So you want to watch that, obviously.

So the great thing about Jupiter, in your 3rd house for the year ahead is understanding the power of positive thinking! Yes I know the positive affirmation vibe can reek of corny Tim Robbins or The Secret type of shallow hype. But still, we know that every thought we feed, every belief we carry with us, every time we speak we are literally manifesting the reality around us -one way or the other. You can call it positive/negative thinking or just the power of the mind to create whatever outcome we focus upon. As the most switched on sign of all, you obviously get this, right?

And with Pluto lurking in your soul sector, empowerting OR disempowering narratives about our life can be deeply buried on an unconscious level; and it does take a bit if hard work spiritually, to bring them into intentional, conscious awareness. But so worth it.

So the point I am leading to, is Jupiter brings a wonderfully expansive new perspective. You get to step back & observe your patterns, with a clear sense of findng meaning in whatever you are dealing with. The better to understand that by courageously, deliberately choosing a positive, life affirming attitude you can powerfully change the way you deal with life; and viola, life rewards you with more promising opportunities to feel good about…everything! Then Mars comes into play, to only action excellent intentions with such dynamic confidence. It’s kind of that hard & that simple, to get a handle on being the master/mistress of your own destiny right now..

Then Mars on the healer Chiron mid month, you moniter your self-talk with absolute honesty about what’s driving you right now, with unconditional compassion for yourself. No need to judge your mental process here; just knowing you can choose the most affirming, productive thoughts to give energy to, and fully deserve the better outcomes that follow.

And specifically, in your communication sector it’s all about being impeccable with your word. So my challenge for you this month is be vigilant, and fully conscious about only speaking the words that align with your most positive intentions. Manifesting magic 101 right; you might be amazed at the fab developments in your life if you are verbally creating them…well done you!

And with the Full Moon of the 14th in your social sector, this could be brilliant networking inspo. You are chargoing around the world speaking your truth with such clarity -of course the good friends/community around you totally get what you’re on about. So good to feel part of the cultural zeitgeist, it’s your natural thing to get amongst it & have a positive impact on the world.

Meanwhile Venus on electrical Uranus & the Destiny Point in your domestic sector, mid month. So your love life, romance and sexy attraction are going somewhere-the more it happens on home turf. Maybe renewed passion with your shacked up partner? Maybe your lover or your next date knock on your door, for an exciting seduction at home?

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