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So how you going with Pluto officially getting serious, about the next 20 years in Aquarius?

I mean with Pluto lurking around the cusp of your sign till September, you get to take the time, to grasp the depth & magnitude, of the transformative chapter about to unfold in your life. And get a get a grip, on the kind of radical personal growth & courage you will need to come up with; to embrace how sexy, self aware, empowered & charismatic you are becoming.

Plenty of time to prepare for Pluto, after ducking back into your soul sector briefly from Sept, to make sure you are spiritually on point- to pick up next level momentum in your sign, from November onwards…


Meanwhile Mercury Feb 6th, Mars Feb 14th and Venus Feb 17th conjunct Pluto, as they make their way into Aquarius this month. Way to do Aqua season with style! You align your genius mind/clear intentions/being immaculate with your word, then your fierce determination/self assurance/assertive moxy then your talent/charm/ good looks & romantic wiles with Pluto power. If you feel yourself becoming more radiant -as you express your intelligence in the world, and bond with your tribe and any lover on the scene? Yes, February is the bomb!


Especially the Aquarius New Moon of Feb 10th, is kind of your birthday New Year-to set your most emotionally resonant, crystal clear intentions moving forward:


First of all this Moon, and Mercury in Aquarius square your ruler Uranus and Jupiter, in your home/family sector. Emphasis on clear communication with your tribe, for emotionally fulfilling & mentally stimulating domestic/family relationships. And your instincts about styling up your abode, or real estate decisions are on point. No matter how small or radical, any decisions about creating the home for your heart feel so good.


Also how auspicious is Aqua New Moon, exactly on the Chinese New Year of the Dragon! Dragon energy, and the Pluto energy driving you right now are so compatible:

Phoenix vibes, to power through whatever transformation is calling you to more authentic expression of self, and life purpose.

Wildly exciting charisma, to fascinate everyone with whatever you’re on about. To feel fully alive to the social scene, cultural zeitgeist and collective transformation around you- your favourite buzz.

All because you have access to deep, limbic energy rising up within you-to thrive with physical, creative and sexual vitality. You are hot right now!


Ok and speaking of your sexy libido? We have to talk about Venus & Mars dancing around one another, from Feb 6th in your soul sector, then in Aqua from Feb 17th till March 12th  -is Aqua mating season!

Suddenly it feels so easy to get along with your lover, focusing on the natural chemistry you share & things you are compatible about. Even any dramas you normally deal with, feel like exciting frisson, to renew the passion? Or if single/dating, suddenly SO much more likely to meet someone promising, who instantly feels like a match for your romantic wiles -flirt much?? A bit of spooky soulmate magic could be going on…


Especially with the Venus/Mars conjunction exact, Feb 21st to 24th, conjunct Pluto in Aqua. Your romantic radiance is peaking-just in time for the Full Moon of Feb 24th, in your 8th house of emotional/intimate entanglements & sexy passion. Totally auspicious for true love!

So let’s talk about your 8th house, all about the kind of genuine loyalty you dig -as such a principled sign, when you do commit you mean it. And you can be just as devoted to close friends/tribe, platonic love is a real thing for you, as much as romance.

But also to the extent the 8th is about scary emotional vulnerability, can reveal any aloof, self protective tendencies of yours; that could frustrate a lover who want to take it deeper/or your own yearning to unleash the passion you have to share? With Mercury/Sun conjunct, the trick could be talking about it…pillow talk reveals true feelings, to handle the emotional intensity going on. This could be a chance to love like you mean it?

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