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So the Aquarius New Moon of Feb 1st is a fab way to begin the month, full of fresh emotional inspiration. On the one hand you’re feeling clear as a bell about being you in the world -yay! Also there are certain considerations, as follows:

Mercury retro conjunct Pluto, in your soul sector reveals a deep sense of your own spiritual truth, and how you might be transforming that right now? Especially Mercury direct from the 4th, It’s actually quite empowering to be so self aware -rather than just driven by old, unconscious assumptions & behaviour patterns right?

Because this Moon on Saturn in your sign would normally be tempting, to default to the status quo/things that make you feel secure. Except Saturn square your radical ruler Uranus is blowing all that out if the water! Do admit you have already discarded so many old skins lately, and this Moon only confirms the, shiny buzz of scary, exciting new possibilities & intentions you are projecting into 2022. How thrilling!

Meanwhile Uranus is being weird & wonderful in your home sector, so could present pertinent questions about family & domestic/real estate dynamics…certain issues could be up in the air?

So Mercury/Pluto trine the Destiny Point & caring Ceres in your home sector by the 12th is helpful; for natural instincts about where/how you want to live, and nurturing relationships with your tribe and special loved ones…

Which leads us to the BIG astro news this month -Venus/Mars in orb of conjunction from Feb 1st till mid March – six whole weeks of sweet love/romance action! Everyone is feeling it, and for you in your soul sector; to be more turned on by soulmate connection with someone special who gets your secret self, subtle romantic cues or spooky synchronicity to meet someone weirdly promising vibe… more so than obvious expectations etc?

Although it gets a lot more tangible with Venus/Mars exact, for the Full Moon of Feb 17th in your love sector; definitely a mating season moment if you’re partnered or want to be, with some gorgeous attraction going on? Especially with Mercury just in your sign, to flirt/communicate your true feelings with exquisite clarity. Ooh la mid Feb could be perfect, to chase up someone who feels so right…how lovely x

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab pic -looks like styling from the late, great Thierry Mugler?


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