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So the month begins with the Aquarius Full Moon of Aug 2nd , to get your emotional & intuitive act together:

Your natural radar is so fine tuned, to pick up even the most subtle cues going on around you, and how to respond.

Especially with the Sun, opposite the Moon joining Venus & Lilith in your love/partner sector. Your mating vibe is all about authentic connection, more so than fluffy flirtation.

Yes, with Venus someone special more likely to be attracted to lovely you, so loving devotion with your partner or reciprocal chemistry with a crush etc, is perfect for sweet romance.

Also Lilith brings any issues to do with asserting individualist, uncompromising attitudes at one another. Maybe any bitchy points of view, you don’t quite agree on become more obvious here? So mutual respect is key, to learn to deal with one another’s difficult qualities, as well as the easily acceptable stuff, you like about each other. Sometimes the unique, weirdo charisma that turns us on about our lover is the same point of difference that can be so infuriating?

So yeah, this Moon is great to celebrate what you can learn from any challenging relationship dynamics, with stimulating frisson. Especially Mercury/Mars in your sexy 8th house, deeper conversations that reveal passionate emo with subtle intelligence could work a treat. Much better than bitching about trivial arguments, right?

So whether relating to loved ones, or healthy relationship with yourself, it comes down to emotional self-awareness. Obviously.

I mean as such an analytical creature, you are genius at interrogating your own feelings & state of mind, with courageous intellectual honesty. You are great at thinking about your emotions-but sometimes the challenge is actually feeling stuff, on a kinaesthetic, gut level. It doesn’t always have to make logical sense; to accept and embody your own emotional truth, and listen to your heart. Know what I mean?

Because your instincts are powering on high alert here, to begin August with perfect clarity. You know who you are, what you believe in and how to express yourself with the courage of your convictions. Feels good to be you right now, being so true to yourself and all!

I mean after a sneak preview of Pluto in Aquarius, powerfully transforming your stance in the world, in recent months. You’re getting a handle on your sexy charisma, walking your talk like the crazy diamond you are! Yes and it only gets more real from Feb onwards-for the next 20 years of realising your karmic role, as a major change agent in the world…

Meanwhile Pluto back into your soul sector, where for the last several years of facing your inner demons and angelic, divine inspiration; you have discovered your powerful inner strength, to phoenix into transformative spiritual growth. If you feel the shamanic calling, to attend to your inner growth for the rest of the year?

Yes, the more you are honest with yourself, on a deep level you understand your future calling in the world.

And by the New Moon of August 16th, in your love/partner sector conjunct Venus and Lilith; the more you can find deeply honest, emotional connection with the people you most care about. All of your relationships benefit from fully affectionate, caring vibes that also respect one another’s boundaries.

And especially with Mercury/Mars conjunct in your sexy 8th house; romantic intimacy is real! Passionate, physical chemistry for sure. And the subtle cues to communicate more effectively, to also bond on that mental level you value so much, know what I mean?

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