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So how you going with taskmaster Saturn newly in your sign huh, are you feeling the call to a leaner, cleaner, meaner, more effective version of being you yet?

I mean it’s kind of ironic that in these times of lockdown etc, that the most anarchic, free-thinking sign of all is coming into 2.5 years of hosting the most authoritarian, disciplinarian planet of all –what could possibly go wrong lol?

You are coming to terms with your relationship with rules, responsibility & external authority-which happens for every sign in 29 year cycles, but how interesting for you that your turn comes around just as the collective vibe is all about personal freedom vs towing the line to keep it interesting! You ideally remain sharp & intelligent about this of course, doing the right thing for the people around you whilst also teaching the rest of us the meaning of genuine, fierce personal sovereignty to keep it real.

Because the deeper meaning of this transit is aligning with your own powerful inner discipline, maturity & holding your own with full integrity. You are hitting your stride in terms of intelligent personal growth, and also taking responsibility for building solid, tangible material accomplishment for yourself on your own terns. You’re actually becoming quite the ambitious success machine right now –go you!

Especially with the Full Moon of the 7th in your biz sector, your professional instincts are so bang on. And with Uranus in your home sector you get that an adaptable work/life balance is key, to cultivate the domestic/family scenario that supports your career goals-that in turn finance your freedom of choice about how you conduct your personal life…

Because we also have to talk about Venus rocking your talent sector until August! You are fully coming to terms with just how brilliant you are at what you do –and the more you believe in that the more you give yourself permission to fully shine in the world. Yes next level, magnificent confidence is your new normal for sure.

Also Venus is charging up your love moxy –where making time for playful romance with your special someone could be just the thing to reboot the passion & renew your connection for the next few months-this could so lead to something long term real! Or if single you are so busy rocking your creative genius you don’t care, which is massively attractive to any potential new crushes don’t you know?

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