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So November is here & the horoscopes are up -and omg it's gonna be liberating as fuq!

For the scopes this month I have focused on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which has got us challenging our security issues big time. As in Saturn loves stability & solid future plans -but Pluto basically wants to burn it all down & start fresh with a raw, primal, regenerative new attitude to life. It's kind of ready or not personal transformation from the ground up folks.

Especially with Uranus in Taurus smashing any defunct structures in our life, to inspire us with wild new possibilities instead. And to the extent Jupiter in Sag has had us yearning for maximum, uncompromising personal freedom all year; we're getting ready for Jupiter in Capricorn from Dec to rock it with next level, positive discipline to make our biz/financial scenarios serve our autonomous, thriving new chapter for the year ahead.

And Venus in Sag from the 3rd is calling us to fresh adventures in our personal relationships, with a wonderful confidence to be emotionally expansive & love large - especially around the the 25th is a lucky in love hook up with Jupiter, if you're looking for an auspicious romantic date night etc? And just in time for a fresh, positive vibe to chase all of our dreams with the Sag New Moon of the 27th, which is bound to be fun...

It's the season for rut busting thrills & spills, and taking a risk on creating the fab future we most desire -but I tell you what we're going to have to get out of the comfort zone to do it huh?

Let's do it! Happy November x

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