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So Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector right now is pretty revealing about the inner Aquarius psychic landscape huh? I tell you what any deep, dark personal issues you’ve been carrying around (and lets face it we’ve all got them) are about to be blown out of the water! …Um it’s the season to drain the swamp much?

This is primo astro for revealing & facing your demons with the most powerful, gutsy courage you’ve felt for years. I mean it might be confronting, but so worth it-because if you’re ever going to transform the Aqua paradigm on the deepest level & rise up singing with a shiny, renewed sense of meaningful soul purpose in your life…omg if not now, when??

Especially with Chiron gently healing your most tricky belief systems, for a healthier more positive attitude. Honestly you’re doing great, sorting out your shizz & conscious new intentions to light the way –keep up the good work you little spiritual warrior you.

Meanwhile Uranus has your domestic scenario pretty fluxy, which requires an adaptable attitude to home, family & real estate dynamics. So the Full Moon of the 12th helps to keep it real & emotionally congruent; the better to negotiate any changing circumstances and create a supportive home base as best you can –from which to go forth and thrive in the world.

Because with Mercury retro your career/biz plan could be a little tricky/need finessing, so you want to be as mentally clear as possible to deal with that. Especially with the Destiny Point in your day job sector & Neptune inspired for wealthy magical manifestation, you’re working at some pretty cool, visionary schemes that are totally promising. But also Neptune can be hare brained financially, so to keep it realistic details matter! The rewards will come with Mars & Mercury direct in your biz sector from the 20th, and you get to charge ahead with all those plans you’ve been so carefully cultivating –late Nov is gonna be dynamic as fuq & so brilliant for you professionally!

Meanwhile early Nov, especially around the 5th is primo mating/dating astro to create your romantic intentions for the month. The Sun pulls Venus & Mars together for a chance at clearer commitment with someone special. And luvvy Venus pulls a sexy Mars/Pluto square together for the most potent sexual chemistry & passionate loving –ooh la la if it’s on right now it’s ON little lover!

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