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Your ruling planet, Uranus shaking up your ideas sector says it’s not exactly a comfortable/complacent attitude you’re rocking right now. No, it’s about some of your most innovate, groundbreaking ideas about the life you want to live (and gosh you’ve got a few to choose from) demanding your attention; and lucky Jupiter in your vision sector says this is good!

2017 is the season for Aquarius adventure, travel, new horizons and fresh aspirations; and this month is a great time to put your best foot forward for a more liberating year than you’ve had in a while…

Whatever cool new schemes you’re brewing, Saturn says your best support system here is aligning with your best tribe. Good friends have your back completely, and lame duck frenemies not so much–it’s a great time to tell the difference and network/bond/confide accordingly!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th turns your thoughts to the day-job, is it emotionally fulfilling or what? Mid month is a great time to tune into your intuition about this and see what kind of attitude flies best with any current/prospective employers/clients/colleagues, the better to align with wherever you really want to be workwise.

And what totally helps here is Lilith in your biz sector bitching it up in your biz sector; you are blisteringly authentic/unapologetic about whatever ambitions are currently turning you on, the better to encourage Chiron in your income sector overcome any limiting beliefs you’ve been struggling with lately. If you know the true integrity of the fab work you came here to do, you just know you’re worth the paycheck you’re asking for right? Right?

By the Aqua New Moon of the 28th, your moxy is well on about claiming whatever new direction you’re seeking right now –yes you can!

And same thing goes for love. You believe in yourself first, and the scent of healthy self esteem is an intoxicating turn on for any lovers on your radar-hold your own and they’ll come running for sure...

Image: Helmut Newton

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