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When it comes to career, you’re talented and you know it, and determined to get ahead only on your own, uncompromising terms-thank you Lilith and Venus in your biz sector. So you’ve got that bolshie attitude of yours going on, where you don’t take shizz from anyone-because you can’t be bothered, frankly; you’re too busy getting your gorgeous creative/professionally persuasive/uniquely gifted groove on. Fair enough.

Because Mars is in your secretive soul sector all month, so you’re actually quite happy banging away at some fab scheme behind the scenes –an especially potent process around the 2oth; preparing for a cool new Aqua initiative to be unveiled/actioned from November 10th onwards…

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 16th is charged up by your ruler, Uranus, in your ideas/communication sector. Your intuitive genius/ability to charge around innovating the life plan and networking moxy is so brilliant mid month, and you want to get busy and work this sparky intelligence as best you can!

And expansive Jupiter in your adventure/vision sector for the coming year is a restless, wanderlust vibe for sure. You’re questing for something big –overseas travel/an academia bender/bigger plans for your future that encompass the whole spectrum of your personal potential … you’re fired to make the most of your life in the next 12 months –one way or the other and that’s gotta be a beautiful thing!

Love? It’s big or not on, but either way you may not be in full pursuit mode until November….

Image: Tinsel Town, Fashion Feature shot for Foam Magazine, 2012.

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