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I think you can safely expect certain people to be much nicer to you than usual, or to be meeting cool new people who are going to be very nice to you this month; human interaction feels lighter, more trusting, joyful, open, promising and meaningful right now; how lovely is that! Lucky Jupiter with the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector is guiding you toward a truer sense of the deeper emotional connections in your life, and where they are ideally heading.

So yes, if you happen to be on the hunt, this may very well be the time that destiny delivers a beautiful new romantic prospect to your door, so to speak. Watch out for seemingly random, but actually very fated encounters and sudden flashes of electrifying flirtatious chemistry when least expected. You could be about to meet a future soul mate, or a special someone who will play some kind of key, catalysing, positive role in your future. And if you’re already entangled, this is a powerful opportunity to open up and trust one another even more unconditionally, the better to embrace your shared future with that much more good-hearted exuberance. Nice.

The New Moon of the 5th, with Venus in your play/romance/creativity sector is a nice kicker to get this moving. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, if that’s not your thing right now. Inspiring creative collaborations, beautiful friendships that have stood the test of time and proven that they totally have your back (thank you Saturn in your social sector), spiritual teachers, and even challenging biz/financial relationships that push you to reach full potential all rock your world right now. They’re all good for thy soul, and there to serve your optimum happiness, in the long run. True!

And then we have Lilith firing up your worldly ambition, where you are so determined to get ahead vocationally on nothing less than your own, uncompromising terms. Good, and you have 9 months ahead to nail this prerogative. But there is also Mars tracking backwards through your biz sector all June. It’s all about holding back a bit and re-working/finessing your best professional strategy for the moment; rather than charging forward in full conquest mode. Shelve any ego re instant career gratification and stay quietly, patiently savvy instead, for best results. You’ll be better placed to push forward with your next project/launch/job application type offensive when Mars gets moving in July.

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