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Virgo Full Moon coming up, exact 5.17pm March 18th, AEDT. To the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month, in Virgo we are concerned with embodying our feelings -for a real sense of emotional wellbeing-or at least dealing with whatever is going on with elegant realism.

I mean Virgo is possibly the sign most likely to feel everything with acute, exquisite sensitivity. So yeah, we could be highly strung little bitches, with all the crap going on in the world. And the stress of being perfectionist about getting every little detail right, about how we handle ourselves. So we want to watch burning ourselves out here, worrying about all the stuff we can't control. Because that same energy can be focused on the simple, life-affirming actions & affirmations that truly feel right, and are actually available to us. Living in the world as it is, and making it better by living well and treating each other well can be such a basic, yet powerful intention...

Because this Virgo Moon forms a grand trine with the other earth signs, with Pluto in Capricorn & the Destiny Point in Taurus. Pluto is transforming our ambitions/biz plans, which requires courage to thrive in times of change. The Destiny Point guides us toward the kind of material security that will be sustainable, as the winds of change continue to blow. And Moon in Virgo keeps us healthy, wealthy & wise because we choose good habits every day...right?

Happy Virgo Full Moon folks, lets keep it real, positive and empowering x

Image: the wonderful Moonchild Tarot

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