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Virgo New Moon, exact 11.39am Sept 15th, AEST. New Moons are ideally a fresh emotional perspective, and in Virgo we do love to clean up our act, with as much mental and emotional clarity as possible.

The thing is Virgo energy tends to swing one of two ways:

We can be hyper-critical of ourselves and others, creating unnecessary anxiety and obsessive personal discipline, trying to maintain the 'perfect', virtuous lifestyle to the point of neurosis.

We can cultivate beautiful self care, for truly holistic wellbeing. To nurture healthy self acceptance, being truly comfortable in our own skin. The better to also accept others as they are, to understand one another with exquisite sensitivity, to even the most subtle communication cues.

I mean no doubt some combination of the above. To find the right balance between accepting our shadow qualities to keep it real, and choosing our most high frequency, optimum versions of ourselves anyway.

Because this Moon forms an earth sign grand trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, both retro. This speaks to a deep desire rising up, collectively and in our personal lives, to phoenix into transformative new ways of being true to ourselves. Not just abstract notions of perfect behaviour-with Virgo ruler retro in Virgo, we can drive ourself nuts overthinking every little detail that could possibly go wrong? More actually embodying our own wisdom, making healthy choices that actually feel right, pragmatic and life-affirming, in any given moment as we go about our business. Know what I mean?

Which brings me to this Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces. Again, this can swing one of two ways:

Following our emotional, creative and spiritual bliss-seeking whatever cosmic, loving unity with divine inspiration raises our frequency. And sweet empathy with each other, to be kind with as much unconditional love as possible.

Or we can become overwhelmed by our own, and everyone else's chaotic feelings. Decide it's all too hard...and go get batshit intoxicated/indulge delusional fantasies, instead of actually dealing with anything? Again, no doubt some combination of the above-we choose wisely as much as possible, of course.

Happy Virgo New Moon, folks x


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