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So Venus retro in your soul sector since late July has been using any introverted tendencies wisely, to refine how to commune with your inner creative muse. Think the artiste back to the drawing board, finessing your vision/manifesting skills in dark horse, genius mode.

Perfect timing for your ruler, Mercury, retro from late August in Virgo. The humility to figure out the details of whatever you’re on about, for the moment, rather than charge around being right about everything is your superpower here. This is your natural thing -as in it’s not about disempowering self-doubt, feeding your bitchy inner critic. More you are proud of your own discerning instincts; to run intelligent analysis on your mission statement -taking the time to be impeccable with your word, for whenever you are ready to speak up. So you handle any kooky misunderstandings, early Sept with gracious equanimity-not everyone is ready for your genius just yet…

So you love how Venus direct, Sept 4th could be a light bulb moment! Aligning with fresh clarity on an inner, shamanic, spiritual and creative level feels so good. You’re too busy channelling cool inspo about how to move forward, being beautifully true to yourself to really give a fuq what anyone else thinks about it…

The better to be ready to embrace Mercury direct in your sign, bang on the Virgo New Moon of Sept 15th.

In a grand trine with Uranus sparking up your expansive, visionary 9th house and Pluto transforming your 5th house of talented self-expression:

Suddenly, mid month you feel the courage of your convictions, that you have been working so hard to get right lately, rising up with spectacular clarity!

Preaching your truth, eloquent communication skills, showing off your talent that you have been working so hard to polish to perfection is finally a thing. What I said earlier, about being impeccable with your word is so satisfying here…know what I mean?

Including how to express yourself in relationship dynamics, with this Moon/Mercury opposite slippery Neptune and Saturn in your love/partner sector:

Your x-ray vision sees straight through any slippery tendencies from your lover, or indeed tricky misunderstandings you’ve also been complicit in hmmm? This Moon is great to cut the crap-with the intelligent subtlety, to tease out the clarity required to understand one another better.

Because Saturn reveals the quality of commitment going on between you. Genuine connections are so worth the work, to score honest communication that you both care about.

And ok, any dodgy crushes or toxic entanglements you may have been indulging become obvious, in stark contrast to whatever you know is healthy for you. Rather than exacerbate the nonsense, you find the elegant boundaries you do so well, to disentangle yourself right?

Especially by the Full Moon of Sept 29th, in your 8th house of deep emotional, sexual and financial entanglements. With healer Chiron in your 8th opposite Mars in your personal security sector:

You want to assert your own point of view more than ever, and ferociously protective of your emotional & financial boundaries -aint nobody taking advantage of you right now! Yes, well done. Also taking the time, to nurture conversations with the people you trust. Healthy, robust dynamics with loved ones & biz partners who matter-thrive beautifully this month. Nice one x

Image: Lisa Haydon for Bikramit Bose


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