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So Lilith and Venus, lurking in your soul sector are conjunct in early October, to low-key integrate your spiritual self-awareness, internally. In a way that allows you to face whatever personal demons you’ve been struggling with-I mean we all have them. And lets face it you are particularly prone to obsessive self-criticism, which hopefully you are replacing with fierce self acceptance, to slay your demons of self doubt. The better to align with your angelic guidance and the angelic, sweet part of your nature that seeks beauty, love and truth. With the purity of purpose and healthy relationship with self, that is your natural thing.

Because Lilith/Venus conjunct, as they move into Virgo between Oct 4th-9th. So lets talk about the qualities you are about to reveal, and express in the world:

Lilith is known as the Bitch Goddess, because she represents our unique personal qualities, that are empowering specifically because they are not about pleasing other people. It’s sticking to our core values and spunky attitude, whether or not they are societally acceptable, apparently transgressive, rebellious or just don’t give a fuq doing your own thing. And I don’t mean just being a brat for the sake of it. More the importance of personal integrity, with ferocious determination to be true to thyself. The people who are equally comfortable in their own skin tend to adore, and respect you for it and the judgemental mob-well they’re gonna whinge anyway, right?

For a sense of how to embrace and integrate any ‘shadow’ qualities, that you might previously have repressed within yourself. Because they were never shadow in a negative sense; more the essential aspects of yourself that felt empowering in a positive, autonomous sense-just you weren’t sure if they were acceptable, to certain external expectations. To give yourself permission to embrace a more holistic self acceptance, and feel stronger/more dynamic for it, in terms of how you express yourself? How fabulous!

And Venus is always fab, lighting up your personal radiance, good looks, charm, genius talent and romantic desirability. Quite helpful, to strut around feeling gorgeous! Also Venus differs from Lilith, in her focus on harmonious relationship dynamics. She’s kind of more of a people pleaser; because love, romance and getting along with everyone as diplomatically as possible, to keep it sweet matters. True!

So your superpower, as Venus & Lilith align in Virgo this month, is feeling supremely comfortable in your skin. You are so ready for this!

And opposite Saturn in your love/relating sector. To appreciate the hell out of the beautiful relationships that allow you to be you, with deeply supportive, devoted commitment. And of course you reciprocate the love and mutual respect.

And I mean if there are any control-freak dynamics going on? Venus wants to find harmonious resolution, sans conflict to hopefully make loving connection work, long term. Or maybe tempted to compromise, to placate some power tripper-want to watch that.

Lilith is more likely to react, call out the bullshit in vivid detail and stick the hell up for yourself. Which is great, for healthy personal boundaries of course. And Virgo does love to point out problems, in order to solve them effectively-very good. But also watch any tendency to feed the conflict, for the sake of drama, hmmm?

Then the Solar Eclipse of Oct 15th. In your 2nd house of personal security opposite healer Chiron/Destiny Point in your 8th house of interpersonal entanglements. Again, the more you are solid in your own autonomous values, financial & emotionally? The more you heal any vulnerable issues, with the loved ones you are destined to navigate a future with. And with your articulate ruler Mercury involved, as Mars into your communication sector…talking about it, with radical honesty is key!

Image: Carla Bruni by Steven Meisel for Prada.


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