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Your ruler Mercury turns direct in Virgo Oct 2nd, after being retrograde since mid September. Just as caring Ceres fresh in Virgo, for a beautiful sense of gentle self care. So lovely to begin the month feeling clear & back on track, after whatever frustration has been doing your head in lately.

Also Venus in your 2nd house of values/personal wealth opposite lucky Jupiter in your 8th house of financial/intimate entanglements; Oct 2nd. For cultivating personal wealth & healthy connection this month.

Then the Full Moon of Oct 10th is conjunct the healer Chiron in the 8th house, opposite Venus/Sun in the 2nd house:

To the extent Venus has you in full, magical manifesting mode you are solid in your own creative process, where cultivating income & material comfort is concerned. I mean as such a clever, industrious sign you are a natural at working towards a productive, financially rewarding scenario. And its not just about money -more feeling luxuriantly comfortable in your skin, as you live according to your own healthy principles.

The better to know who to love and do business with.

Chiron reveals any tricky interpersonal/biz situations, that you need to problem solve or maybe remove your attention from with clear, elegant boundaries.

Chiron also reveals just how much certain people truly match your integrity, and have your back for genuine, mutually supportive connection. The people who truly adore you, or at least reliable & honest to deal with shine here. To heal any trust issues, as you cultivate mutually positive outcomes together. Could be making practical plans together, that are nice and clear to satisfy your OCD desire to get the details right, lol. Could be a deep, emotionally nurturing love affair that you can actually trust-bliss! So nice to be able to unleash your desire nature, and embrace passionate intimacy, in a way you can only do when you feel fully respected, right?

And the ability to tell the difference, with that discerning emotional intelligence you are so famous for. Intentional clarity, when it comes to relational dynamics is your superpower right now!

Especially Venus trine Mars in your biz/career sector Oct 18th. Totally brilliant for profitable professional relationships. I mean Mars spending ages in your career sector this year has you so motivated -just for the buzz of chasing your vocational goals & the sense of accomplishment that comes with working your ass off. Especially Saturn in your work sector, you more disciplined than ever on the day job-and the healthy lifestyle choices that help you thrive; which is your natural thing. And Venus helps to monetise all that hard work, to fund the rewarding lifestyle that makes you feel good. Well done you.

Then the New Moon of Oct 25th is a Partial Solar Eclipse, in your 3rd house conjunct Venus. The 3rd is all about ideas & communication. Venus reveals the power of your mind to focus on positive thoughts, the better to feel good about life. And creatively manifest clear intentions, as you do so well. And Venus keeps the quality of your dialogues sweet, charming & suave; for the pleasure of intellectual stimulation & harmonious co-operation with the people who get what you’re on about.

So it feels like Oct is pretty nice, to remain true to yourself as you feel closer than ever to the crew who appreciate who you are. Lovely.

Image: the wonderful Hannah Lemholt


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