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Jupiter loves being in your expansive 9th house, where he functions best as an agent of big picture thinking & positive growth. And you love how this frees your clever mind from obsessing over details, the better to embrace your broader vision. So how good is Jupiter direct, from Jan 1st to begin the year with an exuberant new sense of potential!


Especially by the time Uranus direct from Jan 26th, also in your 9th house. Some of your most weird & wonderful plans reveal themselves, ready to take a risk on making them happen:

Perfect timing, for the New Moon of Jan 26th in your soul sector. So tuned into your spiritual calling and creative muse, you totally trust your instincts about walking the most meaningful path ahead. I mean never mind your reputation as a control freaky pragmatist-when you think big, according to your most cherished principles you get it right!


Meanwhile your ruler Mercury also direct, in your home sector from Jan 2nd. Another focus to begin the month, to do with finessing the home base that supports all this growth. With Venus, Ceres and Mars involved. Emphasis on the most loving, nurturing family, tribe & loved ones who have your back, and you adore them for it. As well as any tensions/ brewing conflict you’ve been dealing with lately?


Saturn on the cusp of your relationship sector square Venus, reveals the powerful commitment you share with the most important people in your life. Emotional discipline, to work it out and confirm the devotion you have for one another. And ok, if any control freak on your case-or you realise you’ve been a tad controlling, hmmm? You assert your famous, discerning boundaries, for the mutual respect to keep it real. It takes two to tango, right?

And the point is your ruler Mercury, direct. It’s all about talking about it.

I mean do admit, with your analytical mind you love to thrash things out verbally?  You don’t mind a chat, lol. So your clever communication skills and precise emotional intelligence work a treat here, to figure out family & domestic dynamics.


Then Mars into your 5th house of creative talent and play, from Jan 5th.

Great to spend quality time with your loved ones, to nurture the relationships we were just talking about. Also romance-date night with your shacked up partner, lover or crush could be smoking hot!

Also, this is really about the buzz of working your creative process. Enough confidence in your innate talent, to get even better at what you do is your thing, as you so enjoy improving yourself, right? And if you get a bit uncharacteristically forward about shameless self-promotion, why not embrace it?


Especially by the New Moon of Jan 11th, in your 5th house. With Mars exactly trine Jupiter in your 9th, tapping into all that visionary inspo we spoke about earlier. And this Moon conjunct Pluto, completing 15 years in your 5th. There is a tangible sense of how far you’ve come, unleashing your most powerful, self assured talent and lust for life- that you feel more able to focus, with clear intentions right now.

 I mean for all your prim reputation, you are an earth sign who enjoys the pleasures that life has to offer, and supremely skilled at whatever you choose to do with yourself-you do it properly!


Because importantly, Pluto gets serious in your home turf, the practical 6th house from Jan 21st, for the next 20 years! You adore how the 6th is about cleaning up your act with healthy, fulfilling lifestyle choices & effective work ethic. Pluto is your best life coach ever, whipping you into shape-in a transformative way that allows next level pleasurable lifestyle and professional success. So long as it’s actually empowering, in a lean, mean, satisfying sense of accomplishment Virgo way, right??

Image: Uma Thurman for Richard Avedon.

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