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So how about Bitch Lilith in Virgo, exactly trine radical Uranus in your expansive 9th house this month? 

Lilith has you self determined as fuq, doing your own spunky thing unusually immune to criticism, whether generic societal expectations or the internalised judgement, you can be so prone to hassle yourself with? 

And Uranus enjoys an exact conjunction with positive Jupiter, exact by April 18th. Your most high frequency buzz, to chase meaningful and exciting goals, just because you believe you can!

So you’re all about autonomous freedom, and even better affirmative self belief. It’s quite something for Virgo to accept yourself as you are, in all your gorgeously human, flawed glory. Rather than perfectionist expectations cramping your style, embracing your potential to thrive as your natural self. 

Nice one, about lovely relationship with thyself right now. 

Perfect to hold your own, with the major emphasis on relationship/mating season vibes this month. It’s all about your 7th house, love/partner sector and your 8th house of sexy/emotional intimacy & interpersonal/financial entanglements:

Virgo ruler Mercury, retrograde in your 8th house from April 4th till 26th.

I mean do admit, any misunderstandings coming up here can fully exacerbated your tendency to stress out, about whatever you can’t control? And even with the best intentions, try to micro manage relational conversations?

Cue the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon of April 9th, in your 8th house.

Conjunct Destiny Point, healer Chiron & Mercury retro, just as Venus swans into the 8th wth her sweet romance/harmony vibes:

Could this be game changing conversations with your loved ones, special someone? To accept one another as you are, with gorgeous empathy and sympatico mutual understanding. The same way you are learning to accept yourself, hmmm? 

To ameliorate any anxiety about being judged, or having to critique your loves ones. This could be a chance to explore a more unconditional love, focusing on the future you could be creating together… it’s actually super promising right now! 

Then ok, Mars conjunct Saturn in your 7th house, exact April 11th, drills down on any pressure going on, about the quality of commitment: 

Mars brings the exciting attraction & desire, as well as volatile tempers & brewing conflicts to be revealed? And Saturn helps to explore the rules of engagement-maybe love & relating is conditional?? 

This combo is notorious for control freaky issues. As well as famous for powerful, enduring commitment. 

In relationship dynamics, we have our desires, needs, generous affection and bossy imperative to assert ourselves. Also clear boundaries to respect, obligations to support one another and long term compatibility to work at. 

Feels like getting clear, as much as possible about how y’all  are feeling-is a nice starting point for mutual understanding & sustainable relating skills. 

Then Mercury direct in your 8th, just in time for the Full Moon of April 24th in your Ideas/communication sector:

Obviously this is brilliant, to reap the rewards of all this relational learning curve you’ve been going through-and talk about it with your lover, and loved ones with fab new clarity. 

Also activating the Sun, joining Jupiter/Uranus in your 9th house. Truly inspired clarity makes more sense than ever, about chasing your most expansive life plans-and the confidence to get out there to broadcast your genius in the wider world. Nice one, to keep your intentions clear for a promising Virgo future x 

Image: Gemma Ward


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