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Taurus New Moon awakening our senses, exact 5am May 12th AEST. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in supremely physical Taurus the trick is to embody our feelings, and experience them on a tangible level of actually living with emotional authenticity. Especially bang on Lilith, the Bitch goddess who doesn't give a fuq about bourgeois notions of respectable behaviour or whatever, she's too busy being true to herself!

Because with Taurus ruler Venus joining Mercury in Gemini, is tempting to do complex, detached analysis of our various moods but honestly just keeping it real is far more satisfying right now. This is a great Moon for coming to terms with our appetites and the emotional needs driving our desires; the better to nourish ourselves with physical pleasures that are good for us, and also recognise addictive patterns/indulgence that aint so helpful right? It's all about good old fashioned self care to feel comfortable in our skin & enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive.

And the better to nurture our relationships because we really get each others genuine needs & willing to lush each other up with delicious mutual care & support. Including sexy times with our lover it must be said; because primal, spunky Pluto trine sensual Taurus Moon makes this one highly charged with hot, libidinous passion! So good for deep connection with someone special in the bedroom, if that's going on for you right now.

Or just powering forward with a general lust for life, because our gut instincts are so on point -we know what we want and we know how to get it! I mean again, Plutonian appetites can be quite obsessive so we want to keep it positive, as much as possible of course.

Let's keep an empowered, honest handle on manifesting desires that truly feel right. Happy Taurus New Moon folks xxx


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