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New Moon in Taurus, exact 1.53am, May 20th AEST. To the extent New Moons are fresh emotional perspective, in Taurus we are so attuned to the emotional intelligence of our tangible, kinaesthetic gut instincts:

Especially this Moon trine caring Ceres in Virgo. Our true feelings reveal themselves in real, embodied terms. As in that pain in our neck could be some repressed self-expression, or pain on lower back could be some financial stress, or finessing our healthy physical habits make us feel beautifully clear emotionally etc... know what I mean?

We understand the powerful connection between our feelings, physical body and deeper instincts -to fully respect psycho/emotional/physical/material self-care, for optimum holistic wellbeing.

The better to make good choices, that manifest our desires effectively. This is actually such a beautiful Moon to enjoy delicious, life affirming pleasures. Including sexy connection, in our love lives...

Speaking of personal relationships, we have Mars in the last degree of Cancer opposite Pluto in the first degree of Aquarius, for this Moon.

Mars has us craving as much passionate, vulnerable connection as possible. Which ideally keeps us beautifully compassionate , and tender with one another. But if we feel insecure for any reason -watch out, volatile power trips at warp speed! We need to keep an eye on that, obviously.

Because Pluto retro, in Aqua offers a more detached perspective. Maybe consider each other's point of view more carefully, before forcing only our own needs on the situation. Or maybe taking the time to analyse our own reactions a bit, before we hit full tantrum mode lol. Know what I mean?

Because if we can keep it calm, realistic and life-affirming, in true Taurus mode, this Moon is such gorgeous, powerful manifesting magic. Happy New Moon, folks x


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