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Uranus in Taurus, retrograde lately has had you so open minded about questioning how to radically innovate being you. And Jupiter also in Taurus has been the positive confidence, to embrace expansive possibilities in your life accordingly. Charging forward with impatient, fabulous lust for life lately much?

So Jupiter retrograde from Sept 6th is helpful, to find your sweet spot of sustainable progress, this month. You get that as you chase your wildest dreams with exuberant enthusiasm; it’s ok to take the time to smell the roses, and appreciate each moment as you go.

Because of course, the simple pleasures can be the most delicious. As the most patient, slow burn success machine of all; this embodied way of living in the present, for optimum manifesting magic is your natural thing!

Especially Mars in your practical 6th house this month, with healthy Ceres conjunct the South Node of long term habits. Great to fire up a radical new take, on your most positive health regime and work ethic, for the vitality to create the kind of lifestyle you most desire. Not so much a rush to achieve specific goals as such. More enjoying the creative process, with whatever momentum feels good to you, for optimum productivity in your own sweet time.

So the New Moon of Sept 15th is brilliant. With Mercury direct In your fun 5th house. In a grand trine with Uranus retro in your sign, and Pluto retro in your expansive 9th house. And opposite Neptune retro in your social sector:

As such a lush, pleasure loving creature you love the 5th house. All about embracing the simple joy of living in the moment, having a good time doing whatever stuff you love, just because it feels good to be alive! The bliss of being playful with life is such a healthy attitude, and for you it’s a natural thing.

Also you are quite the powerful manifesting machine, at the best of times. And the 5th house reveals your innate talent, with Mercury direct to work your creative process effectively:

Maybe just for the buzz of showing off, with totally confident self expression?

Maybe, with Mars in your practical 6th house, to work your genius to professional advantage. You figure out how to hustle your gig/day job, with fab ambition to create the professional scenario you most desire.

Also the 5th is about sweet romance. Mercury direct here has your flirty wiles back on. Maybe your famous, sexy charm lures a lover or crush towards you? Or lovely, renewed clarity to keep communication sweet with your partner?

Especially your ruler Venus, direct in your home sector from Sept 4th.

To the extent you’ve been careful being diplomatic, with any tricky domestic/family issues coming up, with Venus retro lately? Venus direct this month is ideally renewed harmony, to get along with your tribe more easily.

I mean with Venus square Jupiter, turning retro in your sign. You get the positive confidence to be true to yourself, expressing whatever you’re on about with the people you love. But also there is a certain wisdom to pulling your head in; as you get on with living free, you don’t necessarily have to explain every life decision to do with familial expectations-know what I mean?

Just being your true self, with mutual respect with everyone else is enough this month.

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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