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You’re going to adore your ruler Venus, lighting up your fun 5th house from Sept 6th. It’s all about the sheer pleasure of playing with your natural talent, creative self expression, shamelessly showing off your brilliance, good times/savouring the simple joys of life with your crew & enjoying sweet romance; just because it feels good to be alive. All your favourite things-you love this!

Especially with Mars spending a rare, unusually long time energising your home turf-the 2nd house of personal assets, from August this year till March 2022. Yes this can be all about money & material security; which is fine as you are the ultimate sign of genuinely enjoying the delicious, life affirming comforts of an abundant life.

But really it’s about your value system & honouring what matters to you; to be comfortable in your own skin, on your own terms in that way you do so well.

And of course this self assurance naturally triggers your resourceful, supremely competent knack of creating independent wealth, to do your natural thing. It’s how you roll…

Then the Full Moon of Sept 10th is in your social sector, on spooky Neptune, sync radical Uranus in your sign. To reveal the link between your own principles about how to function in the world, and the people you actually hang out with:

Could be the more Uranus in your sign reveals your more radical, innovative brilliance; the more you seek out inspiring friends who get you, and community/social scene to feel part of whatever exciting cultural zeitgeist turns you on.

Which is a hell of a lot better than the tricky side of Neptune/Uranus-feeling discombobulated about whatever radical personal growth you are avoiding, because intentional change is hard work-and seeking the party crew/weird, fuqed up folk to distract yourself by getting amongst all sorts of dodgy/destructive behaviour. Which aint so helpful, obviously.

I mean Mercury retrograde in your work/health sector, from the 11th can be finessing all this talent & cool networking skills on the day job, to adapt to more effective ways to do wellbeing & intelligent new points of view as fluxy circumstances require.

Or get scatty & irritable when you can’t control stuff, as an excuse to get sloppy with the details/sabotage your success? Again, not ideal.

Especially by the New Moon of the 26th, in your work/health sector, opposite Saturn in your soul sector. This is perfect to focus your disciplined professional/lifestyle decisions, with the crystal clear intentions that come from knowing what really matters to you on a deeper, spiritual & creative level.

I mean Venus conjunct Mercury retro in your 5th house of talent & creativity for this Moon, trine power Pluto in your expansive 9th house is so great; to play around with different ways to express yourself, whilst maintaining the integrity of your most visionary, meaningful goals in life-know what I mean?

Also Venus/Mercury for this Moon is about the thrill of romance, if you have an interesting love affair/attraction going on? Ideally you fascinate one another, with sparky, flirty frisson-even weird misunderstandings help to be curious, to get to know one another better. Which helps to ameliorate any tricky games, if either one of you is insecure enough to send stoopid mixed messages, right?

Because meanwhile, the Venus/Mars square of the 16th is sexy romantic tension -just when you’re taking yourself too seriously, a gorgeous attraction invites you to just enjoy the moment, with an open mind. Nice one.

Image: Dianna Ross by Annie Leibovitz


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