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How good is your ruler Venus, lighting up your 5th house of confident self expression lately? As your natural talent sings a siren song, to get better at what you do. Not seeking validation, more that you adore the simple, kinaesthetic buzz and satisfaction of embracing the creative process. And you can’t help it, if your radiant genius happens to get attention from all the right people?

I mean you’re too busy having a good time, doing your own thing. One of your most lovely qualities is that you really, truly relish the simple pleasures in life. Smelling the roses, lotus-eating indulgence and slow but steady productivity is your groove.

Especially fun-loving Jupiter in Taurus, retro. The freedom to play with expansive possibilities, with no particular deadline to achieve them is bliss. I mean yes, especially with Uranus retro involved, you’re fully turned on by radical personal growth right now-but in your own sweet time, thank you very much.

Which is underlined by Venus in your 5th opposite Neptune in your social sector, as Bitch Lilith also in your 5th house, opposite Saturn as he turns direct in your social sector, from November 4th:

So Saturn direct is the big collective vibe as November begins, to get our act together in practical ways. And for you this might feel like societal pressure, to conform to certain bourgeois expectations, or play the social networking, hustle game to get ahead? Yeah not so much…

Bitch Lilith has you fiercely protective of your free speech. I mean beyond your lack of political correctness, as free thinking Jupiter & Uranus affirm your radical voice in the world. More so protective of the freedom to embrace and explore your creative bliss-without anyone breathing down your neck, judging what you’re on about. You prefer how good it feels to just be your true self, of course.

Then Venus in practical 6th house, from Nov 9th will naturally reveal

how to leverage your talent on the day job, or create a new gig to work your magic in the world. No need to force it, the more you shine the more brilliant professional opportunities appear, with easy synchronicity.

Meanwhile Venus in your 5th, early Nov brings your famously sweet, flirty wiles to any romantic action going on? And Lilith keeps it edgy, with your notoriously stubborn attitude, lol. You prefer a love affair sans tedious expectations of how you should behave, mutual respect is such a turn on right now!

Cue the New Moon of Nov 13th, in your love sector feels like mating magic -conjunct Mars and Ceres. The most sexy, passionate yang planet with nurturing, yin mama Ceres is actually a perfect combination.

You get your famous seductive wiles on, to enjoy sexy chemistry with your crush/lover/partner. And as good as hot desire feels, even better is healthy intimacy, to let one another know how much you really care.

I mean Lilith in your romantic 5th house exactly square Mercury in your sexy, vulnerable 8th house. Can be powerful courage, to share passionate feelings. Especially electrifying Uranus retro in Taurus, opposite this Moon -Ideally radical honesty brings wonderfully authentic connection.

And ok, if this triggers tricky conversations it could be a tad explosive.

it’s a live one! But it could be a nice opportunity to clear the air. Ceres helps to ameliorate any tensions, with mutually fulfilling solutions to get along. More likely to be lucky enough, to have a lover who cares just as much as you do, to work things out.

Or even of some manipulative wanker on your case-you are clear as a bell about telling them where to get off, as diplomatically as possible.

Thus do you achieve sweet loving with healthy boundaries, nice one.

The better to embrace the Full Moon of Nov 27th, in your security sector opposite Sun, Mars & Ceres in your 8th house. Lovely, empowering, mutually respectful entanglements, to be your true self feels so good.

Image: Ella Uzan


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