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June begins with lucky Jupiter conjunct the Destiny Point in Taurus. Like your personal compass is pointing clearly toward your most optimum future direction; with the positive attitude to trust your instincts, and take advantage of whatever fab growth opportunities life is offering you. Especially Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus, for such finely tuned intelligence about embracing the necessary changes in your life, in order to evolve.

Suddenly, even choices that may normally seem ridiculously radical feel quite natural now; as you embrace the flow of exciting new experiences, and discovering your full potential.

I mean this may sound like a big call; but bear in mind both of these conjunctions are exact, for the Full Moon of June 4th in your transformative 8th house. With Pluto about to fire up your adventurous spirit again, back into your expansive 9th house from June 11th.

And this Moon trine the healer Chiron in your soul sector. So your own spiritual wisdom understands…the benefit of gently coaxing any unconscious fears you have, about moving out of your comfort zone, into a healthy sense of trusting your own, inner guidance as you rise up to fresh possibilities in your life. Know what I mean?

As I’ve been saying for a while now, Uranus in your sign for the last several years, and Jupiter recently-have really smashed your normie reputation, as a change-averse creature of habit. In so many ways you have become a beacon of conscious, liberating innovation, creating a more positive future. And this Full Moon is an example of your unique, fab new attitude.

Meanwhile, the 8th house placement of this Moon is also about sexual, emotional, family & financial entanglements -to focus on whatever relationships matter to you. You feel your connections more deeply, and maybe the people you most care about are equally passionate?

And trine Lilith, with Mars in your 4th house of home and family/domestic dynamics. Ok this could trigger any latent conflict -with Mars/Lilith, compromise can seem like a dirty word, as everyone seeks to assert themselves? But also as passions run high, ideally a chance to foster mutual respect, and power forward together as best as possible. Right?

Which brings me to the best news…Venus into your 4th house from June 5th for a rare, extended stay until October! Venus brings your best, harmonious relationship skills to the home front. Such perfect astro to get along, as you ameliorate any issues with your tribe and bond over the stuff you can agree on. With the next 4 months to navigate this process, you can take your time to deal with any issues coming up…

And with Venus & Mars dancing around a conjunction in June, this month is great for romance at home. Renewing sweet chemistry with your partner or shacking up with your lover work, to cultivate domestic bliss. Or if single/on the prowl-maybe schedule your next date on home turf, for best seduction vibes?

Then the New Moon of June 18th in your home turf, the 2nd house of values & prosperity. Square Neptune in your social sector & Lilith in your talent sector. You come to terms with the things you can control, to inspire your own creative process. And the things you can’t control in the world around you-that could also be inspiring, if you find your own flow amongst it all?

Image: Antonio Gadesa


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