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It’s all about Mars into your sign from July 5th, to turn you on. You suddenly feel your raw, primal energy & lust for life rising up. With unstoppable confidence, fierce work ethic, sexy charisma & even hotter seductive prowess than usual; you are ready to make this month matter!

I mean as you already have Uranus on the Destiny Point in your sign; a kind of electrifying sense of purpose is calling your name. It may be a specific, highly meaningful goal you are determined to achieve. Or a general buzz about chasing your most wild & wonderful dreams; to discover your own potential for personal growth, just because it feels good to get out of your comfort zone & feel fully alive.

Especially trine transformative Pluto in your expansive 9th house. Anything to do with exploring new horizons via travel, or opening your mind to new ideas via study/academia/meeting new people you wouldn’t normally hang out with is good for the soul.

And Mars is the moxy to go for it, with the thrill of chasing promising new possibilities -just because you can. Especially by the time Mars meets Uranus by August 1st could be a particularly game changing opportunity to succeed-so that’s something to be ready to embrace?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 14th is in your 9th house, conjunct Pluto to keep you buzzing with big ideas. And opposite clever Mercury & healthy Ceres in your 3rd house of ideas/communication; to get the details right/finesse whatever you’re on about, to cultivate schemes that actually work, with that manifesting magic you do so well.

Especially with your ruler Venus in your income sector exactly trine Saturn in your biz sector for this Moon; your gorgeous natural talent could be so ready to be professionally monetised-if you play your cards right hmmm?

Then Venus in your 3rd house from the 19th brings even more creative flair, practical imagination and suave collaboration skills to your favourite schemes. It’s like your muse is on with such inspired thoughts, you know how to productively make them happen and know all the right people to work/network with.

I mean you’re a total charmer at the best of times, and love the buzz of sharing cool plans with your crew here; especially with Lilith involved you get to play with some of your more unique, provocative thoughts-and the interesting people who get it!

Also this is great for your flirty repartee. I mean Mars in your sign has you super desirable & libidinous -especially conjunct Uranus by late July could be exciting, passionate attractions flaring up at warp speed. And Venus/Lilith is smoking hot romantic dialogue, where you skip the small talk (or boring ‘us chats’ if partnered) and say what you really mean/talk about your real desires & feelings -know what I mean?

Then the New Moon of the 29th in your home sector, conjunct caring Ceres with chatty Mercury involved. Lovely to communicate your way into harmonious, compassionate mutual harmony with family & loved ones. Nice one x

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