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So the theme continues from last month, with Uranus in your sign square Saturn in your biz sector -where you come to terms with a fully rebellious vibe sparking up within you, whilst keeping it together in the straight world of career progress.

I mean the tension could be real, if you feel your individualist, renegade spirit chafing uncontrollably against control freaks or restrictive scenarios at work, dammit, But ideally you wrangle a chance to shine your maverick genius bright in the world, to shake up the status quo in a good way. Maybe a fabulous opportunity to get ahead; because you are just too brilliant to ignore and become quite the sought after, visionary expert in your field/agent of positive change that everyone wants to be associated with. This could be your time to thrive-precisely because you stand out from the crowd!

Especially with Saturn trine the Destiny Point in your earning sector this month, and Jupiter retrograde on the cusp of your social sector, preparing to back into your career sector for the rest of the year.

Which means you are fully inspired by some kind of fab plan to monetise your crazy dreams, no matter how long it takes to finesse the pragmatic details -and frankly you are too busy persevering with that to give a flying fuq about bourgeois expectations or public opinion in the meantime right? Yes it’s time to hold your own with that supreme, stubborn comfortability in your skin you do so well.

And the New Moon of the 10th could spark up some excellent dialogues & social networking buzz in your ideas & communication sector -to turn you on with the people who get what you’re on about -yay!

Meanwhile home & personal life is a blissful solace from all this frisson in the world. Mars & Venus in your domestic sector, exactly conjunct around the 14th is all about beautiful, harmonious relationships on home turf this month. This is perfect for a fresh, healthy perspective on family dynamics to get along with your tribe better than ever. Also co-habs/flatmates/whoever you are sharing space with right now.

Especially romance! Mid-month is awesome mating/dating action, for quality time with your spouse/partner/lover to lush up passionate domestic bliss. Or if single/on the prowl maybe a hot date works best in the intimate surrounds of home hmmm?


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