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So how good is lucky Jupiter, direct in Taurus just in time for Jan 1st ?

The perfect momentum to begin 2024 with your most positive, expansive attitude.

Maybe you realise how any delays, or wrangling big questions about meaningful growth-that might have been frustrating since September? Have provided a new perspective, for the fabulous clarity & renewed momentum you feel, with Jupiter charging forward as January begins.

Especially Uranus in Taurus, also direct from Jan 26th. Gosh your rebellious, radical lust for life is on fire right now!


Cue Mars into your Jupiter ruled 9th house, of expansive growth from Jan 5th. Fired up & fearless, to chase whatever adventure is calling your name…

Ready for the New Moon of Jan 11th, in your 9th house.

This Moon trine Uranus in Taurus, with Mars exactly trine Jupiter in Taurus. And sync Saturn & Neptune in your social sector, and the Destiny Point in your soul sector:

A powerful rush of energy is moving through you, awakening all of your most kinaesthetic instincts and lust for life. Your most visionary dreams feel so possible, as Destiny opens her arms to you and you say yes, to embracing your full potential in the world.

Aligned with your spiritual, creative and emotional values. To the extent you’ve had to interrogate whatever you’re on about lately, you are altogether self aware-the courage of your convictions shines bright!

Also your innate, lotus eating personality is part of your delicious charm. You are all about smelling the roses, relishing the luscious, simple pleasures of being alive. As much as you are evolving toward an exciting future-not in a rush to ‘get there’. Embracing each moment, living fully in the present is such a precious quality-the rest of us can learn from you about this.

Meanwhile any sweet, caring moments with your lover are special. Being emotionally present for love conversations is so healing -and the delightful intimacy you adore, as such a famously skilled lover…


So I tell you what, any cliches about stubborn Taurus, clinging to sedentary habits and refusing to change are really redundant by now, right? You are officially the firebrand, inspiring the rest of us toward fast paced evolution, to create-and enjoy a genuinely more healthy & prosperous world.


And this Moon conjunct Pluto…a big deal right now: Having spent the last 15 years in your 9th house, slaying any demons to do with fear of the unknown-Pluto, with one foot out of your 9th house looks upon you proudly. As this Moon reveals your brilliant, fearless determination to flourish in any circumstances, his work is done. You’ve come a long way, baby!

Cue Pluto into your 10th house of brilliant career from Jan 21st. And after lurking around the cusp of your 10th till this November-Pluto gets serious about transforming your professional sense of purpose in the world, for the next 20 years!

All the schemes and dreams, to live large you’ve been working at lately? Now you drill down on how to make this a reality in real biz terms. Whether sexy self assurance on the current job, or completely demolishing & reconstructing your entire vocational paradigm-you’re totally up for it, and plenty of time to phoenix into next level success.


Then the Full Moon of Jan 26th in your home sector, square Jupiter in Taurus, just as Uranus moves forward in Taurus. For clever instincts, about how to create the ideal, supportive home sanctuary right now. Even if I means being totally flexible about moving around, if called to a new location, changing up the situation in your current abode or radical honesty, for a fresh take on family/domestic dynamics? You’re up for it!

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool image.

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