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The Full Moon of Feb 5th invites you to become aware of your priorities, for the month:

Bitch Lilith in your home sector, reveals the kind of unique personal life you want to create. You crave the freedom to live as a brilliant eccentric, doing whatever the fuq you want just because you can! Cultivating a meaningful lifestyle matters right now.

I mean with Uranus in your sign, you’re vibing magician, visionary genius, and it’s important to be as free & radical as you need to be.

Also the Sun with Saturn in your career sector. There are pressing expectations going on; to succeed in the ‘real’ world. But is it control freakery from other people, cramping your style? Or ideally a suave work ethic, on your own terms; to work your dependable/respectable reputation in the world, to score the freedom be an innovate influencer?

Because Pluto in your career sector from March till June this year, is a sneak preview of how profoundly transformative, empowering and possibly lucrative your professional life is going to be; from Feb 2024 for the next 20 years! Something to get ready for…

Also Jupiter in your mystical 12th house opposite Ceres in your practical 6th house. Your most positive dreams & aspirations need to be manifested with care. Caring for your body with good, healthy habits every day. Carefully cultivating a productive, creative work ethic that turns you on; rather than just the daily grind for the sake of status-quo, know what I mean?

Because with Jupiter on the healer Chiron in the 12th house:

The most radiant wellbeing comes from aligning with your inner truth. The most powerful discipline is a spiritual practice, that allows you to be completely comfortable in your own skin, attuned to a higher sense of purpose. The satisfaction that comes from this is so much more profound than just keeping up with basic material concerns, obviously.

I mean Mars is, finally, charging forward in your 2nd house of personal wealth. So there’s no problem embracing your natural proclivity to earn good coin. To the extent your goals are meaningful & fund a lush lifestyle right now, you are totally in your element. And permission to be a money magnet -it’s what you do!

Meanwhile Venus in your social sector square Mars early Feb, for brilliant networking skills to get ahead in biz etc.

And if single, flirty wiles on the social scene could work a treat. More likely to randomly meet someone cute out & about, with sweet chemistry to have some fun.

Or if already in love/partnered? You understand this connection is your best learning curve. Whether you’re getting along or having issues; this person is a mirror, to help understand your own romantic narrative more clearly. Also, clear communication about the values you share helps, to navigate the kind of future you could potentially create together.

Then the New Moon of Feb 20th in your social sector, conjunct Saturn in your biz sector. Nice to present yourself to the public, with professional finesse. Also Venus conjunct Neptune in your social sector, to bond with the best friends & tribe, who truly understand how inspired you are right now.

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