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Taurus Full Moon, exact 6.24am Oct 29th, AEDT. To the extent Full Moons reveal whatever emo has been rising up all month, in Taurus we take the to time to actually experience our feelings.

Taurus is the deep, kinaesthetic wisdom of our emotional body. We get that we tend to store our emotions in our physical body, to give more conscious, psycho-emotional context to whatever health/wellbeing issues are going on. So of course we get that taking care of holistic physical wellbeing helps immensely, to handle our emotional reactions. A healthy body, mind and emotional equilibrium are so profoundly connected, right? To paraphrase the old adage- a truly healthy, productive lifestyle makes us healthy, wealthy, wise...and happy!

And we're not just talking about a strict, disciplinarian lifestyle here. Taurus is all about good old fashioned pleasure! Luxuriating, in the enjoyment of whatever makes us feel good is totally life affirming. The simple gratification of good food, wine, women and song type lush lifestyle, including quality time with our loved ones works a treat. And time in nature and growing our garden-the simple pleasure of feeling connected to the earth is so powerful here. And looking after our bodies with delicious self care-massage, spa life, really nourishing diet, cuddling up with doonas & chocolate-whatever feels replenishing. Also whatever inspired talent turns us on-feels so good to embrace the creative process, just for the buzz of manifesting magic.

And ok, also the famous Taurus sensuality. I mean let's face it, Taurus Moon derives so much emotional satisfaction from physical intimacy-and opposite sexy, libidinous Mars in Scorpio! This is such delicious, seductive magic for the lovers amongst us. Maybe we are having a good time, with a spicy love affair/dating just for kicks? Maybe we are digging deep, for passionate connection with someone special...physical intimacy is hot, but even more important to reveal the beautiful emotional intimacy going on, huh?

Especially with Ceres and Mercury involved. Sweet communication skills and turning up, to support one another in real time is our relationship superpower here. Letting all of our loved ones know how much we care is so important, right now. Feels so good, to feel truly connected with our tribe.

Happy Taurus Full Moon folks, let's bliss out as much as possible xxx


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