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So how have we enjoyed this Scorpio Partial Solar Eclipse, exact 8.49pm, Oct 25th AEDT.

Of course New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Scorpio our instinctual, emotional intelligence is acutely perceptive, limbic, courageously passionate and powerful. We see things with x ray vision to cut the crap, we feel things deeply and we have the gutsy integrity to be honest with ourselves, and hopefully one another.

And this Moon is exactly conjunct Venus, and the love goddess is famously potent in Scorpio! Magnetic, devoted in love, fiercely loyal, spooky wise, magical the divine feminine is in her full, force of nature expression for this Eclipse.

I mean ok Venus can also be bitchy, obsessive, overly secretive and driven by blind lust here, so we want to watch that. But what better time than a New Moon Eclipse, to be squeaky clean & self aware about how we choose to be our most authentic, positive selves, right?

Let's embrace a rebirth, within ourselves, our most cherished relationships and intentional creativity. We really can do it so well right now. Happy Sweet Scorpio Eclipse, folks x


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