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Scorpio New Moon, exact 8.27pm, Nov 13th AEDT.

Imagine if we could look into a crystal ball and see a bright, promising future? That we are creating as we speak, with the spooky power of clear intentions and right action, in our collective and personal lives? Thus does this Scorpio New Moon work her magic:

New Moons are a fresh emotional perspective, and in Scorpio we dig deep into our feelings! At our best we are courageous about empowering vulnerability, deeply devoted to our loved ones, passionate and all about emotionally honest, hot sexy intimacy. With wildly accurate intuition and limbic instincts we can trust. We have eagle eyes to see the truth, amongst all the white noise around us, with such spectacular clarity. A lust for life that is transformative, as we embrace the growth that comes with living like we mean it.

And ok, at our most problematic we are obsessive, jealous, paranoid, driven by consuming appetites and frankly batshit crazy, manipulative bitches if we don't get what we want, lol. I mean these are fairly obvious, shadow tendencies we know how to recognise with basic self-awareness, right? Scorpio energy is the ultimate key to facing our nitty-gritty demons, wth an honest look in the mirror-and the phoenixing into a higher frequency, the moment we choose to do so. We take responsibility, for the discipline to be master/mistresses of our own destiny, ideally with healthy emotional integrity? And viola-life begins to bend according to our will.

Especially opposite Uranus, for radical honesty and crystal clear perspective, to embrace liberating change -that can happen at warp speed!

And trine Neptune in spooky storm phase, preparing to turn direct early Dec. I mean Neptune is spooky at the best of times. Revealing crazy on-point intuition, to navigate weird, destinal synchronicities guiding us forward. Soulmate love, soul-path biz & spiritual growth has such magical flow with Neptune. Helping us to magically manifest our Scorpio desires. I mean even any Neptune temptation, to louche behaviour or delusional fantasies, is kind of sorted with Uranus clarity to cut the crap, and stay on point. Nice one.

Happy Scorpio New Moon folks, lets keep it life-affirming x

Image: unable to find original credit for this fabulous picture.


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