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Mars in Scorpio from Nov 1st is a rad way to begin November; so you can look forward to being hot, libidinous, driven by ferocious energy, ravenous appetites, fierce ambition and quite the force of nature right now! Mars loves being in Scorpio and you adore channelling sexy Mars confidence -until mid December, so that’s 6 weeks of unstoppable momentum to look forward to…

Meanwhile this month, I would say the theme of Scorpio season is love & relationships:

The New Moon of the 5th in your sign is exactly opposite Uranus in your love sector. So to the extent you are fired up with a fresh sense of purpose & personal confidence; you connect with special people who are just as exciting as you, to rock your world big time one way or the other.

This could be thrilling love. Maybe fresh inspo with your partner, to surprise one another anew with weird & wonderful qualities you still have to discover, and adore about each other-excellent for a fab new perspective on the relationship. Or if single, sudden synchronicity to meet/attract someone incandescent & wonderfully promising just when least expected.

Or could be wobbly. Maybe you are both so restless, you have to navigate more space & emotional oxygen between you, as best as possible? Or if growing apart/an actual break up going on, you realize you are ready for a more liberating chapter of doing your own thing for the moment? Or you encounter someone wild who inflames your passions, but also you realize they are batshit crazy & could be trouble hmmm?

Yes it’s a fine line between the sublime & ridiculous right now-but you are the sign most able to tell the difference & handle the extremes of dating/mating action, of course. You’ve got this!

Then clever Mercury in your sign, with Venus in your ideas & communication sector from the 6th is brilliant; to get your genius out there in the world. Especially Mercury/Mars conjunct by the 11th square Saturn in your self-expression sector is so lucid & clear, to know exactly what you believe in & step forward with the courage of your convictions -so good.

Then the Full Moon, partial eclipse of the 19th is in your love sector; conjunct the Destiny Point in your home turf, the 8th house of sex/emotional intimacy & financial entanglement. To get next level, deep connection with the people that really matter- also with positive Jupiter in your home sector, to enjoy sweet domestic harmony with your tribe.

Michael Weathersby

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