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So the first half of March has Venus/Mars completing their conjunction, in your 4th house of home & family, that was such a big deal last month. To reflect upon how much you’ve learned, about family dynamics and domestic harmony lately, the better to get along as best as possible moving forward…

It’s all about your ruler Pluto into your 4th house recently, getting serious about transforming your entire domestic paradigm-for the next 20 years. Of course this could have profound implications, about where you want to live, property biz etc, to figure out what your actual abode looks like. 

But for the moment we are concerned about the quality of relationships in your personal life. Venus/Mars are about sweet harmony & diplomacy with your loved ones -even as Pluto reveals any dramas on home turf/skeletons in the family closet etc, that might normally trigger the fuq out of your intense emotional temperament? Keeping your cool to keep it sweet is your superpower here. 

Yes Pluto could be transforming what tribe means to you, long term-plenty of time to make drastic decisions about who to live, love & create support systems with-or not? 

Meanwhile early March, you get that diplomacy and compatibility at home   is more available, and feels better than full blow conflict. Know what I mean? 

Then Venus & Mars move on, in the second half of March: 

It all begins with the New Moon of March 10th, in your 5th house of talent, creative confidence and play. Smack bang between Saturn and Neptune. 

Neptune says you want to play. Maybe certain louche tendencies are unleashed, if tempted to lose yourself in full, party mode? I mean ok it could be thrilling and all-when you get on it, your appetites are pretty intense! Or even if not inclined to intoxication, maybe escapist tendencies, to dream away your days? I mean ok, whatever feels good…

Also Saturn says get your act together-you can feel this in your bones right, to the degree you crave the integrity of being true to yourself?  

Because Neptune brings quite sublime inspiration actually, if you decide to focus on your creative process. Brilliant arty instincts are such a buzz, to get you excited about communing with your muse. So Saturn is like right, if you’re so damn talented why not make the effort to do something meaningful, with whatever you’re passionate about? 

Which brings us to Venus into your 5th house from March 12th, followed by Mars from March 23rd, just as Venus conjuncts Saturn.

The more Venus helps you come to terms with just how gorgeously talented you are. The more you harness Mars work ethic, to get even better at it, with the moxy to show off your brilliance in the world. 

Also Venus and Mars in your 5th late March, is fab chemistry for sweet romance. This astro is perfect to get flirty with your crush, discover who is attracted to your delightful charisma, or if already hooked up make quality time, to enjoy the company of your special someone?

I mean with Jupiter & Uranus dancing around one another in your love/partner  sector, moving towards an exact conjunction by mid April. You can feel the urge to activate your relationships wth as much honesty as possible, as this electrifying love action is about to get real! 

So meanwhile the Full Moon of March 25th, in your soul sector. A nice moment to take solo time to fill your cup, with spiritual practice or whatever secret magic you get up to when nobody’s looking….hmmm? Feels good to replenish your inner world, amongst all the external stimulation and relational vibes demanding your attention, right? 

Image: Hannah Lemholt


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