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So how about your ruling planet Pluto, in your home sector recently -opening up a can of worms about domestic and family dynamics? And it’s only the beginning, with many years ahead to transform your personal life in the most honest, empowering way.

But for the moment, Pluto retro back into your 3rd house of ideas/communication, from June 11th till Feb 2024. The next several months is a chance to interrogate and clarify your own beliefs; to finesse a process of self awareness, and how to set conscious and empowering intentions that you’ve been working at for the last several years.

And how you express yourself. I mean you are famously secretive & enigmatic about your thoughts, as well as a tendency to be blunt as fuq, with scathing honesty and deep insights, that maybe not everyone is ready for-when you do choose to speak your mind. Ha, the mysterious yet brutally honest type is a paradox you are uniquely good at.

So watch out world, Pluto could have you dropping explosive truth bombs, the more you embrace the courage of your convictions!

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of June 4th in your prosperity sector has you thinking in material terms. Do admit you have a healthy relationship with money, as someone who understands the value of earning good coin:

Trine the healer Chiron in your practical 6th house. You become acutely aware of the kind of work ethic that supports a healthy lifestyle/holistic wellbeing, as well as financial imperatives. It takes healthy self-awareness to understand the work/health/life balance that works best for you, and this kind of insight is what you’re all about right now.

Especially with Pluto literally on the cusp of your 4th house, of solid foundations in your personal life, to build a successful career upon, for this Moon.

Because this Moon also trine Mars and Bitch Lilith, in your 10th house of brilliant career & professional accomplishment. Mars is so ambitious. Lilith is so intent on uncompromising integrity. So you only want to present the most authentic version of yourself to the world, and vocational success will hang on whether the world is ready for your unique genius, right?

So perfect timing, to have Venus lighting up your 10th house from June 6th -for a rare, extended stay till October! Permission to embrace your natural talent, creative brilliance, professional glamour, impeccable branding, good looks and persuasive charisma for the next 4 months. Why not light up the world with your best vocational look, unapologetic self promotion and doing what you do best, as best you can?

Sure beats the hell out of Saturn in your self expression sector, miring you in dowdy self-recrimination about not being perfect or whatever. Much better to use Saturn effectively, to drill down on creative discipline to get better at what you do, just for the personal satisfaction of doing your best. Not so much trying to prove yourself to anyone -fuq other people’s bourgeois expectations, you are too busy being you.

Then the New Moon of June 18th in your home turf, the 8th house of sex and emotional intimacy. With Jupiter/Destiny Point and Mercury/Uranus in your love sector. This is exactly the kind of hot, authentic, courageously vulnerable passion you adore in your love life! Whether you are seeking a wild love affair, personal space to love each other more freely or deeper commitment with your partner…this is gorgeous astro for the famously sexy, irresistible lover you are.

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