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Jupiter direct, from Jan 1st in your 7th house of relationship dynamics-way to begin the year, with a keen eye on the Scorpio love life:


I mean forget your notoriously controlling, paranoid fear of vulnerability reputation-it’s kind of a cliché. You are so much more than that. Given the right circumstances, Scorpio is the most emotionally courageous sign. You feel it all on such a deep level, and when willing to be vulnerable you really give your all. I mean first of all you are loyal as fuq-you understand the meaning of devotion, and prepared to do the work with the people that matter, to trust with real, authentic connection.

I mean ok, when I say under the right circumstances I mean the people who have earned your trust. Or at least demonstrated their integrity & strength of character. No one else really gets in the game of Scorpio love, right?


Which brings us to Jupiter and Uranus in your 7th house, activated as they turn direct this month. Both require emotional oxygen and healthy personal space. For Jupiter to bring positive, expansive trust to love like you mean it and Uranus to bring innovative new ways to relate. In many ways intelligent conversations/meeting of minds is more of a turn on than physical chemistry in romance, or obligatory rules of engagement more broadly-know what I mean?


Cue the New Moon of Jan 11th, in your 3rd house of communication skills: With Mars involved, exactly trine Jupiter and New Moon trine Uranus in your 7th. And conjunct your ruler Pluto. You get real as fuq, about key conversations with the people that matter to you. Radical honesty could feel so good, to renew the trust with your special someone, or trust some exciting new contender, to be worth your time? Of which lucky Jupiter way more likely to bring positive people & lovers, with emotional & romantic generosity into your orbit-to reciprocate the love vibes!

Or even if Mars & Pluto stir the pot, of any volatile drama that has been brewing? At least radical honesty clears the air-one way or the other?


Meanwhile, fundamentally the point of this Moon is about the quality of your internal dialogue, with the ideas and mental hustle that drive your belief system. Your ruler Pluto, in your 3rd house for the last 15 years has been really cleaning up your act here-in specific ways that resonate with the Scorpio mind:

It's like you’ve been looking into a high-res, crystal clear mirror in your minds eye. Reflecting back acute awareness of any demons of self doubt & negative thinking, with which you’ve been obsessive-compulsively tormenting yourself? As well as crystal clear insights, with your acute intelligence aligned with those powerful gut instincts of yours. Conscious self awareness brings an internal locus of power-that you choose the positive intentions, to slay any demons and manifest reality according to you considerable will. I’m mean Scorpio aint nobody’s victim, not even your own-you are the ultimate phoenix, always able to rise up singing. Know what I mean?

So Pluto conjunct this Moon reminds you…

In order to be immaculate with your word, as Pluto directs in terms of authentic communication, you must be immaculate in conscious self-awareness, in terms of the principles you actually believe in, right?


The better to harness the Full Moon of Jan 26th, in your brilliant career sector. Opposite Pluto fresh into your 4th house of home & family, conjunct the Sun. Radiant success, based on focused professional intentions is a given. Ideally, supported by mutually empowering relationships with your tribe. With 20 years ahead, of Pluto transforming your version of the ideal domestic/family scenario-plenty of time to get it right…

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab picture.

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