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So Venus exactly conjunct your ruler Pluto, with Mercury involved Jan 1st, in your 3rd house of ideas & communication. To begin the month with such spectacularly lucid thoughts. You get the power of crystal clear intentions more than ever…

Because you’ve done the nitty gritty work, to deal with any demons in your psyche, with Pluto in your 3rd house for the last several years.

I mean despite your reputation as an intensely brooding creature, it’s not like your issues are more problematic than other signs. We all have tricky self talk that trips us up. It’s just that you have the courage to do the shadow work:

So when you’re in dark horse Scorp mode -unavailable for chatty communication; we hopefully get that you’re busy doing inner communion with yourself. To actually own what you’re on about-and bring it into conscious awareness.

Which is why we tend to be blown away by your bang on accuracy when you choose to speak up-your words are like the phoenix rising from the flames, talking from personal experience of facing transformative wisdom.

And you’re crafty as fuq, to magically manifest whatever you’re on about in real life -once you know what you want, you are fiercely accurate at making it happen right? So Venus/Mercury conjunct Pluto Jan 1st is brilliant, for highly intelligent, empowering solutions, to live intentionally this year.

Especially the Full Moon of Jan 7th, in your expansive 9th house opposite Sun/Mercury in your 3rd house. The capacity to think in big, visionary terms whilst getting the details right is your superpower here.

Then Venus into your home sector, exactly trine Mars in your 8th house of sex & intimacy around Jan 10th. This is a sweet vibe, to bond more easily with whoever you’re emotionally entangled with; family, tribe, lovers or shacked up partner -you suddenly feel an easy simpatico to get along. Perfect, just as Mars turns direct from Jan 13th onwards…

Because the 8th house is your home turf, where ideally you’re thrilled about Mars lingering here for an unusually lengthy transit, from last August till this March. Such a long time to feel Mars recharge those sexual batteries, for your famous, passionate libido. And the courage to be fully authentic with all your loved ones. And hold your own with any weird power-trippers, to remind yourself how much Scorpio cannot be fuqed with-grrr!

So to be honest, Mars retrograde from Nov 1st has pissed you right off. Just when you felt so empowered to assert your feelings, you suddenly had to pull your head in, and hide out in stealth mode. I mean you’re damn good at emotional chess, so to speak; but not when you were in the mood to finally be a bit more open about your feelings?

So what a wonderful relief to have Mars powering forward again, with an auspicious trine to Venus mid Jan. Go forth, you love machine you; ready to embrace your most meaningful connections with honesty and depth of feeling.

Then the New Moon of Jan 22nd in your home sector, with Venus conjunct Saturn. Real emotional discipline, to cultivate healthy, happy family dynamics pays off.

Which is great practice for Pluto in your home sector March-June 2023. A taste of revealing any deeply ingrained family dynamics/issues, that you are ready to transform big time, with a totally fresh perspective from Feb 2024 for the next 20 years! A whole new chapter of regenerative domestic wellbeing, coming up.

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.

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