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You’ve got to love lucky Jupiter in your fun 5th house, from Dec 29th to inspire fab, positive New Years resolutions, to shine your true self in the world- 2022 is looking good!

Because the 5th house is all about a playful, positive, life affirming attitude. And do admit you work the smouldering intense, serious vibe at times, ha so this astro is such a buzz to have a good time, just because you can!

It’s all about embracing your best talent; to enjoy the creative process and confident, charismatic self-expression, being amazing at what you do. It’s ok to show off a bit right now!

Also good times doing stuff you enjoy and quality time with your tribe & loved ones -because the simple, joyful pleasures matter, right?

Yes including the thrill of romance; if on the dating scene or have someone special could be inspiring one another with genuine, easy, promising romantic potential…

Meanwhile Venus in your ideas/communication sector from Nov till March has you thinking good thoughts, and full of charm to schmooze any dialogues going on right now.

And ok Venus retrograde this month, on your ruler Pluto could be kind of volatile, for tetchy misunderstandings? But this only reveals deeper dimensions of what you are on about, and conversations that cut the crap, to be intellectually passionate & real with one another. It’s a great opportunity to finesse your interactions.

Especially the New Moon of Jan 3rd in your communication sector, trine radical Uranus in your partner/love sector. Wow this could be sudden, game changing clarity with your lover -it aint exactly marital stability but is exciting frisson to begin the month. Maybe a scary, honest conversation to clear the air, and a fresh start to be closer than ever in 2022? Or even if this causes friction/drama at least you know what you’re dealing with…

Or if single/dating this New Moon could bring some wild, maybe batshit crazy but weirdly promising contender to rock your world?

And even nicer chemistry working itself out, when Venus moves forward from early Feb… plenty of time to get it right this month.

Because also, Mercury retro in your home sector from Jan 16th, conjunct Saturn requires patience…

Could be a tricky real estate deal/lease negotiations etc, where you might want to hold off on signing anything till Mercury direct after Feb 6th?

Or could be complex, sticky domestic/family dynamics. I mean unfortunately the nonsense of recent times has divided opinion, and

pulled some families/tribe apart. Let alone the regular familial issues, that could be coming up here. So rather than control freaky, stoopid Mercury retro conflict; maybe give each other maximum breathing space, and work towards resolution from early Feb huh?

Because then the Full Moon of the 18th is in your vision sector, opposite transformative Pluto, to really set you off on a journey of personal discovery & growth. So you want to be free of the white noise of interpersonal drama -the better to spread your lovely wings and chase some inspiring dreams….


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