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So your ruler Pluto, in your 4th house/home sector from last April till June, was quite revealing.

A sneak preview of domestic issues and family dynamics you are ready to face, clear the air in a transformative way and make advantageous property decisions; to be explored with Pluto back into your 4th from this Feb-for the next 20 years! Plenty of time to drill down on your most authentic, empowering domestic situation.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Aug 2nd, in your 4th house is a clue:

A chance to trust clear gut instincts to cultivate your living situation, property issues and a comfortable, nurturing home base.

Or maybe certain feelings are revealed with loved ones-to work on being as caring and empathetic as possible with one another, sans unnecessary drama. This goes for any tribe, co-habs and relatives you care about.

And square Jupiter in your love/partner sector. Especially finding emotional oxygen with your special someone, to accept one another as unconditionally as possible-to hopefully explore a more expansive stage of your relationship. I mean with Uranus involved, radical honesty could be just the challenge that turns you on about one another, right?

Or if single, maybe you relish the freedom to create the domestic sanctuary you desire -without an annoying spouse breathing down your neck? To appreciate the benefits, of this unencumbered chapter of your life.

I mean with Jupiter approaching a conjunction with Uranus this month, you can feel a restless mood brewing, to do with love and partnership:

You desire thrilling, unpredictable chemistry with your lover, more so than tedious commitment issues.

If single/dating, some wildly exciting attractions to consider? Maybe for promising, ongoing romance or just for fun, because you prefer to stay free of heavy entanglement?

Or making exciting plans with your partner, and turning one another on with exciting ideas is the buzz? Because you want to keep growing together, to keep it interesting.

And radical candour with your partner/lover, just because it’s important to keep the passion, commitment etc honest! It feels good to be real with one another, including permission to reveal deeper feelings and desires-as you love to do when able it feels right to let your guard down.

Cue Pluto back into your communication sector, towards a trine with Uranus for the rest of the year. Sweet pillow talk to emotionally bond, your famous flirty wiles more fascinating than ever; and even tricky power trips can be navigated with the courage of clear communication. You are an expert at this kind of empowered, fiercely authentic love language of course.

Then the New Moon of Aug 16th in your 10th house of brilliant career:

Conjunct Lilith and Venus. The perfect combination, to show off your natural talent professionally. With Venus lingering in your 10th till October, you’re bloody good at what you do; with the shmoozy charm and shameless self-promotion to get noticed in the world.

And Lilith says you don’t compromise yourself, just to work for the man/fit into some corporate scenario or whatever. You get that your unique skills and uncompromising attitude, to do it your own way is what sets you apart.

And trine healer Chiron in your day job sector. It’s important that your work ethic also honours a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle -for personal wellbeing just as much as healthy ambition, right?

Image: Raquel Zimmermann, by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris .


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