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It’s all about your lucky star Jupiter, direct from Oct 18th after 4 months of tedious retrograde. Oh my goodness Hallelujah, you are so looking forward to getting your groove back and finally getting on with it!

Because with Jupiter AND disciplinarian Saturn retro in your ideas/communication sector recently; you have been so excited by the visionary schemes & dreams you adore, but also a frustrating sense of how fuqing slowly things are moving & certain, seemingly intractable obstacles doing your head in right?

So the New Moon of the 6th in your social/networking sector bang on Mars is a dynamic new confidence in the world, to get amongst it with the crew who appreciate what you’re on about. And opposite the healer Chiron in your talent sector, to deal with any naff insecurities/excuses to doubt your potential cos it’s been tough lately or whatever. And instead choose to work at whatever you’re really good at, with the full integrity of getting the creative process right.

Which is even more excellent with lucrative Pluto direct in your income sector, just in time for this New Moon. To get over any bohemian disdain for bourgeois success, and get that it isn’t necessarily vulgar to hustle big coin doing what you do; if you keep it in line with your core values & support your most fulfilling, freedom loving lifestyle that you crave -thank you radical Uranus in your work sector.

Because then Saturn direct from the 11th focuses your intentional plans nicely, to pull your act together about whatever matters to you. The better to harness the spectacular, spunky energy of Jupiter direct from the 18th exactly trine Mars energising your positive influence in the world.

Yes I know this sounds like some naff motivational seminar, lol. It’s just that the quality of your self-belief & meaningful intentions you follow through is actually getting very real this month, in terms of potent personal potential-go you!

Meanwhile Venus in Sag from the 8th is suave as fuq, for gorgeous charisma, good looks, desirability, talent and charm to work your magic.

I mean as a staunch individualist you are not necessarily a people pleaser; but with Venus onside this month your secret weapon is keeping it sweet & persuasive, to attract the attention & interactions that help you shine your light, know what I mean?

Including personal relationships & love. Especially Venus opposite bitch Lilith & caring Ceres in your partner sector, trine healing Chiron in your romance sector as Jupiter picks up your mojo from the 18th. Then the Full Moon of the 21st in your romance sector opposite sexy Mars, for passionate moments to enjoy. You hold your own and insist on mutual respect, to turn your lover/loved ones on with your spunky brilliance; the better to genuinely appreciate & nurture one another, for real passion & healthy relationship dynamics that work.

Image: Esther Haase


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