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November 4th begins the month with Saturn direct, on the cusp of your home sector. So any frustration you’ve been feeling lately -about getting your house in order, real estate scenarios or dealing with family/domestic dynamics? Hopefully November stirs up a practical new perspective, to work out what your ideal home looks like:

Maybe you suddenly feel more capable, of manifesting/shmicking an actual abode to feel grounded in the world, somewhere you actually want to live. I mean with idealistic Neptune involved, the dream of the perfect Sag casa, to be yourself in has been a bit of a pre-occupation for a while, right? So hopefully Saturn direct brings practical new plans, to make your beautiful sanctuary a reality.

Maybe getting along with your tribe. You really appreciate the support you feel, from loving family/partner/co-habs, for more solid commitment to one another. This new grounding, in the bosom of your loves ones feels so right.

Or even if any tedious control fuqery has been going on, from certain power trippers? And your usual reaction is stone cold, fuq off attitude as you fly out the back door at the speed of light! Well that has certainly set you free, if necessary? So presumably, whoever you still feel connected to by now is special enough-to make the effort to make sustainable, domestic & familial love work. Even if a bit of healthy compromise is required on your part, right?

Also Saturn & Neptune in your home sector, exactly opposite Lilith & Venus in your brilliant career sector, Oct 4th. The more you set a solid foundation at home and healthy personal relationships, the more you get to go forth and slay your professional desires, of course. Especially your ruler Jupiter, retro in your practical 6th house. Working out the optimal lifestyle choices, to live and work on your own sweet terms.

Meanwhile we need to talk about all the action in your 12th house, soul sector. I mean as much as your reputation as some kind of party animal, charging around the world with braggadocio swagger? You can be surprisingly private, and kind of crave the personal space to do your own thing. So you dig the 12th house, a sanctuary where you get to hide out and do your shamanic, spiritual journey within. Seeking a sense of meaning, as you connect with whatever divine inspo turns you on.

Good, because thus do you recharge your batteries, with Mars in your 12th , from mid Oct till late November. Permission to be your own guru!

Cue the New Moon of Nov 13th, in your 12th house:

With Mars conjunct healthy Ceres, self care feels like looking after your own spiritual imperatives, for fulfilling personal growth.

And with this Moon opposite your ruler Jupiter, in your practical 6th house. So easy to make positive lifestyle choices accordingly, that affirm your commitment to live according to your inner truth. Walking in a straight line, in full integrity is such a turn on here!

And ok, with Mercury into Sag, just in time for this Moon. Even in introvert mode you sure can talk about it, lol. When the mood strikes, in the company of peeps who can keep up -do admit you adore a good rant, about the meaning of life or whatever…

Perfect, for Mars charging into Sag from Nov 24th, conjunct the Sun just in time for Sag season! You burst forth with a rush of fresh vitality. Physical energy for the fierce fitness regime you love, exuberance to show off the brilliant clarity you’ve been working on lately, behind the scenes, and sexy charisma to turn everyone on.

And speaking of sexy Sag, Mars in your sign just in time for the Full Moon of Nov 27th in your love/partner sector. Yes you are hot as hell, with the seductive wiles to lure your crush, lover or partner into passionate connection. And with caring Ceres involved, the real magic is. exquisitely vulnerable moments of emotional intimacy. Where you are ideally, both brave enough to connect with real authenticity. Nice one x

Image: Esther Haase


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