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As one of the most impatient & independent signs of all, you do like to get on with it-without the constraints of other people’s issues as much as possible. Ha, do admit you can squirm like a wild animal when relationship dynamics slow you down.

So Mars now officially retrograde, till January in your love/partner sector, is an exercise in patience to test your restless soul. Especially if you are into men -with Mars retro they become kind of weird, tricky or temporarily unavailable:

Maybe, If single/on the prowl for love your most exciting attractions/ promising, potential lovers are maddening elusive. And you can’t help but wonder if it’s all too much of a drain on your energy, to even worry about love? Well yes -but if you decide to savour the slow, delicate process of playing with a tantalising romance…could a be a lowkey delicious experience? Or someone from the past turns up, to re-consider? Or allowing the randoms to slip past, with minimal drama is your natural thing -ready to respond only when someone really special knocks your socks off. As a hot blooded fire sign, you know the difference right?

Or if partnered, your mate suddenly goes awol for a while.

Most likely they have their own stuff to attend to. And if they have to take some time to go sort out their sense of direction, without sabotaging the commitment you share-you are totally fine. All the better to get some oxygen to do your own thing, you adore this moment of personal space!

Or even if old issues rise up for your partner, where you have to help them pull themselves together-you get that this is what commitment is all about. And you do so with unconditional support, but also maintaining healthy boundaries to stay on track yourself.

Either way; better to come back together with renewed, dynamic passion, carefully cultivated commitment & focus on a healthy future together -when Mars charges forward next Jan. Worth taking the time to get it right, huh?

OR -if they are playing you for a fool, with stupid games -presumably this just reveals unhealthy crap that has been brewing for a while? And

you lose interest at warp speed -what a relief, to finally liberate yourself & move on.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Nov 8th has Mercury/Sun/Venus in your soul sector-you are so on point to live with integrity.

In other words, you align with whatever spiritual practice & creative inspiration keeps your frequency high. Doing the work, with healthy daily habits to cultivate wellbeing, the fitness/physical vitality you adore & a focused work ethic. As much as you have a reputation as a loose party animal, because you don’t like being told what to do? Actually discipline suits you beautifully, when you have clear, meaningful intentions to magically manifest.

Then the Sagittarius New Moon of Nov 24th, with Venus/Mercury perfectly conjunct in your sign is perfect.

Trine the healer Chiron in your talent sector, you get a grip on clever, confident self expression to share your creative genius in the world.

Amazing to promote your personal brand in biz, to get a handle on successfully shining in the world.

And your flirty wiles are so clever & charismatic, to have a good time seducing someone special…just because sweet romance feels lovely for a moment?

Image: Annie Monroe by James D. Kelly


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