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First of all Jan 1st  begins the year with Venus into Sag, just as Mercury turns direct in Sag, conjunct Ceres and Mars in Sag. Wow!

You get to embody your most radiant beauty, charm & talent. Show off your visionary genius, with charismatic communication skills. Nurture the tribe, you care about most deeply. And charge around the world with the famous Sag swagger, to live freely on your own terms. Is this Sagittarius heaven, or what? And it gets better…


Because you are even more, out of your mind excited about your ruler Jupiter, direct from Jan 1st, to embrace a fully positive 2024! Jupiter is your superpower planet, with the expansive lust for life and innate optimism, that is so key to your wellbeing & ability to thrive in positive, high vibe terms-which is pretty much the only way you can do it:


And I use the term wellbeing deliberately. Because Jupiter direct in your practical 6th house, of physical health, healthy daily habits that promote your overall wellbeing and healthy work ethic, with which you manifest whatever professional success makes you feel good, and enjoy the healthy quality of life that makes you feel good. Did I say heathy enough times there?

I mean, as much as Jupiter in your 6th can exacerbate any exuberant Sag tendencies to overindulge? Do admit you can be a bit of a rockstar lush, about your pleasures? Not so much out of obsessive tendencies-you value your freedom too much to get addicted to anything. More you simply cant abide limitations-including restrictive rules about doing whatever you enjoy. Any judgement about this, tends to make you indulge more-just to make the point that you can. Your rebellious spirit is your saving grace, but can get you into trouble sometimes…

Left to your own devices you tend to find homeostasis, between having a good time doing naughty stuff, and the high voltage vitality you get from serious workout regimes, fitness endorphins, getting out into nature and working your ass off to create independent income. Freedom to thrive is always your mantra! Especially Uranus also direct in your 6th, from Jan 26th, you have some radical new ways to do your own thing. Thus do you embrace Jupiter direct, to set the tone for the rest of 2024, right??


Then the New Moon of Jan 11th,  in your 2nd house of personal values & prosperity -where practicality pays off. Mars brings the motivation to work as hard as necessary, to totally hustle good coin, doing whatever you are most passionate about. Because this Moon conjunct Pluto, completing 15 years in your 2nd house. By now you have interrogated, transformed and got a serious handle on your earning capacity. Not just for the sake of instant money-as such a profligate sign, you get that cash can come & go in the blink of any eye, lol. More that true wealth is the freedom to do whatever you really love, with the biz acumen to create sustainable financial independence. Cliché, but in your case so true.

You already knew this of course, just Pluto had to beat the hell out of any flaky financial fuqery you used to indulge in-to create the focused wealth creation you are now capable of…know what I mean?


Then the next big news for 2024. Pluto moves on, to your 3rd house of ideas & communication from Jan 21st…for the next 20 years! You begin to get serious, about interrogating your basic belief systems. As such a philosophical sign, all about exploring big ideas on an eternal quest for higher truths, this is a big deal for you! Get ready for Pluto to clean our any naff old notions, that don’t make sense any more. To open your mind to next level insights and sparkling mental clarity…you are about to embark on a thrilling new learning curve-your curious mind loves this!

And the more you are honest with yourself, about whatever you are on about-you get to be immaculate with your word, expressing your truth in all areas of life. Being a sign so preoccupied, with honesty & authentic self expression-this means a lot.

Especially by the Full Moon of Jan 26th, in your home turf--the expansive, truth seeking 9th house. For the buzz of opening your mind to all sorts of game-changing concepts! And square Jupiter, the discipline to actually walk your talk in practical terms, rather than just raving on about abstract concepts…hmmm?


And Sag love life? Venus has you desirable enough to attract all the right attention-you’re hot! Also all this emphasis on total, immaculate honesty is a thing. Time for clarity with your lover. And as the truth comes out, tempered with kindness and genuine affection-to understand one another’s points of view? Compassion works a treat here, for true romance.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this gorgeous picture.

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