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So you’re loving your ruler, lucky Jupiter finally charging forward, with radical Uranus in your practical 6th house; of health & work ethic.

I mean to the extent this exacerbates any loose, extravagant lifestyle habits you like to indulge? As such an expansive sign, you loathe bourgeois limitations on your freedom; so you tend to give yourself permission to be as wild & naughty as you want, just because you can! Yes but also, left to your own devices you are most turned on by positive, affirmative lifestyle choices. Because physical vitality and an optimistic attitude  is important to you, to live large like a true, expansive Sag. So you begin Feb with a fully charged up, productive attitude right?


Which brings to mind the last 15 years, of Pluto charging up your 2nd house with fierce self determination, and lucrative ways to be financially independent. By now you’re all over it. So you appreciate how Venus & Mars, conjunct in your 2nd house early Feb help you to thrive. It’s all about relationships:

The relationship between your creativity/genius biz schemes, and the motivation with which you work your ass off, to make stuff happen. Cue the productive lifestyle we were just talking about-a bit of focused discipline works a treat, hmm?

And as much as, do admit, you like to do your own thing unencumbered by what anyone thinks and can be a brat about mouthing off, if anyone questions your modus operandi? Ok fair enough, as a free spirit and all. But right now you get that a bit of diplomacy goes a long way; to cultivate the power of sweet biz negotiations, professional relationships & creative collaborations. The financial autonomy you seek is gold, but also you need the right people to back your vison,  and co-create wealth. In other words play nice, with that generous abundance you share so well, to embrace the buzz of mutually advantageous success. Nice one.


Cue the big news right now, Pluto officially into your 3rd house of ideas and communication-for the next 20 years! Speaking of the optimistic attitude that is your natural thing-you are about to dig deep, to keep it real:

You get to interrogate your own belief systems. I mean as such a philosophical sign, you think about the meaning of life a lot, and the integrity with which your intellectual process really understands what it’s all about? Many signs would freak out, about Pluto challenging everything you’ve ever believed in. But as such a visionary, open minded seeker of truth-you are turned on by the chance to embrace a transformative new perspective.


Especially healer Chiron conjunct the Destiny Point, in your 5th house of self expression. As you embrace an ever evolving sense of what you believe, about this crazy world and your purpose in it? To the extent your charisma is on fire, as the truth speaker we all look to, as you tend to express yourself with real integrity… You get real clear about the courage of your convictions, with the humility that you are still figuring it out as you go, just like everyone else.


So Venus/Mars, perfecting their conjunction with Pluto, in your 3rd house Feb 22nd is gold. You get to communicate about it! You adore the intellectual stimulation, of thrashing out your evolving philosophical stance via intelligent conversations & debate. You could literally stay up all night, raving on about your beliefs and learning from one another; if you are lucky enough to connect with equally intelligent folk, who appreciate your enquiring mind.

And if you lock eyes mid conversation, with someone gorgeous -you can’t help it if sparks fly! Could be chatting with your partner/lover about life, to renew the chemistry you share with a bit of sparky mental frisson. Same goes if single/dating -it’s the most interesting, intellectually stimulating conversations, even if apparently platonic at first-could turn flirty, hot & bothered chemistry at warp speed! I mean let’s face it, Venus/Mars conjunct do their best work when romance is involved. And for Sag late Feb, it’s all about the power of flirty wiles verbally, and sexy meeting of minds. Might as well have fun with that, huh?


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