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What with your ruler Jupiter switching around direct/retro between an inspired Neptune conjunction in your home sector then your fun sector then back into your home sector since Jan; one minute feeling full of enthusiasm then dealing with everyone else’s demands -it’s been a bit of a skitzy year so far. Aargh frustrating much?

So you are just so thrilled to have Jupiter in lucky, positive mode, finally moving forward for real since Nov 21st -to feel fabulous about your birthday season this month:

First you get happy domestic vibes, with Jupiter direct in your home sector till Dec 20th. A lovely sense of getting along with your family, co-habs or shacked up lover. With unconditional encouragement, to give one another the freedom to pursue expansive personal goals, the better to come together at the end of the day and share the good times as you go. Sweet, you so get this kind of free range space to do your own thing within a positive, mutually supportive tribe, right?

Then you adore the buzz of Jupiter direct in your 5th house of fun, playful self expression & creative talent from Dec 21st till mid May…It’s all about the greek concept of Enthusiasmos:

An ecstatic sense of being connected to our muse/higher source of bliss. That certain ‘something’ that lights up the face, puts a spring in our step & a song in our heart; the producer of confidence & maker of friends that pulls us out of the mediocre and builds within us the power to finish… to make us wake up and live.

Oh my goodness, in other words you feel so alive from late Dec, to embrace your full potential as the visionary you are with full vitality to live like you mean it. How wonderful!

Meanwhile we spoke extensively in the Nov scopes, about Mars retrograde in your love/partner sector till Feb. To get your head around lovers coming/going/wonking out/requiring deeper understanding for the next few months.

So Venus in your sign opposite Mars in your love sector Dec 1st, then the Full Moon of Dec 8th, in your love sector conjunct Mars sets the tone -to focus on healthy relating this month.

Especially Venus in Sag conjunct Mercury in your values sector, for your Mars/Love Full Moon of the 8th. Your romantic superpower here is clear communication, that resonates with whatever you really feel. Because no matter how dramatic the emo rising up, you can articulate the romantic dialogue with honesty, charm & finesse. Which I’m sure your love interest, who is no doubt ardent but cautiously sussing out the vibe with Mars retro, will fully appreciate.

So whether you are negotiating healthy personal space with your committed partner (which you are genius at), navigating a complex love affair or luring someone promising toward you…slowly, slowly with exquisite subtlety works a treat.

Then Venus into your 2nd house of values & income from the 10th joins Mercury, for a creative money manifesting vibe.

So by the New Moon of Dec 23rd in your 2nd house, Venus/Mercury join lucrative Pluto, to unleash a genius new perspective on your most promising earning schemes. I mean do admit you can be a bit of a ditz financially, and this astro helps to monetise your brilliance with more clever effectiveness than usual.

Especially with Venus exactly trine radical Uranus & Destiny Point in your day job/lifestyle sector. The kind of free range work ethic, to chase meaningful goals that you adore is so much more likely to bear fruit for this Moon; both financially and living on your own terms. How fabulous!

Image: Esther Haase


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