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So how about the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Sag Dec 4th, to get the month off to a rocking start:

Bang on Mercury to be full of genius insights & plans you are ready to share with the world-I mean you are so fuqing loquacious right now, it’s hard to shut you up when you get on a rant or have something important to express, even more than usual lol. I mean trine the healer Chiron in your talent sector, it feels deeply satisfying to embrace your creativity & confident self-expression as authentically as possible -nice one.

And opposite Lilith for fiery relationship dynamics, to figure out the people who can hold their own with you; for the buzz of full blown challenging, exciting, respectful connection of equals. Yes including a passionate lover/partner on the scene, who cares enough to call out your shizz as required but also supports & adores you no matter what-omg you love this,

Then Mars into Sag, from Dec 14th feels so good, for energising lust for life, physical vitality & personal confidence to back up everything you’re on about. Including hot seduction energy-you are quite the desirable, love machine this month…

Especially with Venus/Pluto action in your values sector all month; you want what you want & courageous enough to deal with the primal intensity of your desire nature right now. In love & money you want full, sexy, lucrative satisfaction and not scared to admit it & make it happen. Ok then!

And to this end you are a radical/change agent with Uranus in your work sector, but square Saturn you also have as solid plan to back you up & know how to play the straight game, when it comes to certain professional dialogues, right?

Then the Full Moon of the 19th in your love sector is trine your honest ruler, Jupiter finishing up in your communication sector-so maybe a chance to say whatever’s been on your mind for real, with your special someone…

Because meanwhile your ruler, Jupiter stepping briefly into your home sector mid March-late July this year, then retreating could have felt like kind of a tease? As in you got a brief glimpse of your ideal domestic/family/real estate scenario, and have been dreaming of your dream home ever since… feeling it’s so close but tantalisingly just out of reach?

I mean Sag is not exactly known as a domestic type, but even a wild creature like you needs a comfortable lair to retreat to. And actually with your home sector ruled by dreamy Pisces, you require nothing less than an inspired, temple like sanctuary to call your own. I mean ok, you are often nomadic & eschew bourgeois/suburban expectations of ‘settling down’. But still, you are surprisingly house proud when you do have a pad, and just like the rest of us crave a loving tribe to share it with -IF they give you enough oxygen to be a free spirit as well, of course! So your perfect home/personal life is gorgeous, fulfilling & supports you to thrive on your own terms -and gosh Jupiter has had you craving it this year, right?

So Jupiter charging forward in your home sector, from Dec 29th could be some on-point new years resolutions, to manifest the best home base ever; and things could move swiftly till mid-May to make it happen -yay finally!

Image: Mikael-Jansson for Vogue Japan

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