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So as the quintessential dreamer, cosmic child of the zodiac November could be so inspiring:

Jupiter direct in your soul sector is all about connecting with a higher source of divine connection, depending in your spiritual beliefs. And connecting with your own innate, inner wisdom; to remember you are a visionary, magical manifester par excellence, the more you align with the intentions that are truly meaningful to you. Including fabulous connection to your muse, if you happen to be a creative type making beautiful art/music/poetry etc right now.

And Saturn direct in your soul sector is discipline to follow through, with whatever spiritual/creative practice keeps you honest; to do the inner work & seek your personal bliss with full integrity. Nice one.

Meanwhile Mars firing up your 9th house of adventure & expansive growth from Nov 1st till mid Dec is how you get out there, and chase those exciting dreams of yours in the world! This would normally be travel plans, to go somewhere fun and expand your horizons -but of course physical travel could be tricky right now what with the ridiculous state of the world. You can always open your mind in other ways -an academic or educational bender, to learn more about whatever turns you on. Or if you are a writer or teacher, a brilliant time to get your genius out there with next level confidence.

Especially by the New Moon of Nov 5th in your 9th house, opposite sparky Uranus in your Mercury-ruled ideas/communication sector, just as clever Mercury approaches Mars. Fantastic for a genius, fresh perspective, to tune into your higher ideals & intentions for the rest of the month & more likely to make them happen. And social networking/stimulating repartee with cool peeps who get you is a buzz! Or dealing with people you don’t necessarily agree with, for positive, mutual mental growth to grapple with how to get along anyway, huh?

Because we really have to talk about Venus in an extended tour of your social sector, from Nov 5th till early next March! This is where you get your smooth networking skills, charm, sweet connection with the friends you adore & lovely sense of purpose in the world on point. Yes as much as we spoke about taking time out from external distractions, to tune into your inner world earlier; this comfortability in your own skin ideally helps to align with the crew, community, cultural zeitgeist & social butterfly fun of being your true self in the world-know what I mean? This could be so much fun…

Including love. I mean if currently single/on the dating scene you are so much more likely to be flirting your head off, and meeting potential new romantic attractions with perfect synchronicity.

Or if already in love/partnered? As much as cuddling up on the couch/domestic bliss is lovely with caring Ceres in your home sector; also with Bitch Lilith could be suffocating/tetchy if you are not also giving each emotional oxygen to explore your own goals in the world.

And even better, sharing cool adventures & social time as a couple active on the scene, to keep the relationship expansive & keep on growing together right?

Image: Alenka Mali


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